Class of 2015

UOW Malaysia KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie

Despite being a KDU staff once, it does not stop Leong from pursuing his study in Master's level. "I am satisfied that the program was well organized and whoever managed it did a very good job." He remembers the moments when most of his classmates were working adults having 9 am to 5 pm job, thus he had late evening classes from Monday to Thursday. Most of the time they had to rush to classes after work, but he feels so grateful as they were greeted by good foods and beverages right before our class, and in between lectures, there are always some simple snacks. He says, "This simple but warm arrangement had made our learning great despite our tired schedule right after work."

According to Leong, the lecturers were highly experienced within their industries, and it was very helpful to further enhance his skills for his next position in the field. He added "I gained good insights through their sharing and supervision. The Master's degree itself has helped in my career promotion."

When asked on how KDU has contributed in shaping him in his career today, he says "I am influenced to perceive the world very differently, with better understanding of cognitive orientation that leads to the reshaping of my dedication in research and engineering. KDU has also brought me to my passion in building a better tomorrow through technology advancements for the community."