Diabetes Awareness through UOW Malaysia Leo Club’s ‘Run for Diabuddies’

Health checkups by medical professionals from Diabetes Malaysia, Selangor branch.

One-to-one consultation with Datin Paduka Dr Santha Kumari, Chairman of Diabetes Malaysia, Selangor branch.

Zumba session led by UOW Malaysia Leo Club.

One of the checkpoints for Obstacle Challenge.

Gold medalists for Obstacle Challenge.

Group photo of the event.

整理: 伍伦贡大学马来西亚 

As an effort to combat the rising threat of diabetes in Malaysia, UOW Malaysia’s Leo Club in collaboration with Diabetes Malaysia, Selangor branch, organised an event to raise awareness about this silent but deadly disease on September 23, 2023.

The event began with comprehensive health checkups which encompassed Body Mass Index (BMI) assessment, blood pressure monitoring, and blood sugar checks by the medical professionals from Diabetes Malaysia at the Atrium, UOW Malaysia, Glenmarie Campus.

Diabetes Malaysia is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO), committed in addressing the growing concern related to diabetes in Malaysia. The Selangor branch specifically advocates diabetes awareness within its area.

Afterwards, a one-to-one consultation session was conducted by the Chairman of Diabetes Malaysia, Selangor branch, Datin Paduka Dr Santha Kumari, who did not only emphasised on one’s diet, but also on one’s mental state well-being as well.

Following the health checkups, an entertaining and energetic Zumba session was led by members of UOW Malaysia’s Leo Club at the Stairs of Hope, UOW Malaysia, Glenmarie Campus, which was an engaging way to promote the significance of regular exercise in one’s daily life.

The event proceeded with Obstacle Challenge where participants were divided into several groups and had to go through different checkpoints which consisted of physical activities and pop quizzes in order to succeed the whole challenge.

As the event concluded, winners for Obstacle Challenge were announced and representatives from Diabetes Malaysia, Selangor branch, were given a token of appreciation for their contribution.

“50% of Malaysians are not even aware that they’re diabetic. As the youth has more impact on raising the banners for diabetes awareness, others will emulate this behaviour as well. Thus, it is important to spread awareness among them in order to have a better future for Malaysia.” said Datin Paduka Dr Santha Kumari.

This event was a powerful reminder that diabetes can affect anyone, and together, we can make a difference by fighting against this chronic disease.


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