Enhancing Cross-Border Legal Understanding: Indonesian Master’s Students Visit UOW Malaysia for Notarial Law Exchange

Welcome Speech from the Head of Master Program of Notarial Law, Law Faculty UNISSULA, Dr. Nanang Sri Darmadi, S.H., M.H.

Asliza Ali (in red) from the AG’s Chambers Civil Division presenting her slides, flanked by Dr. Prem Kaur, School of Law, UOW Malaysia.

Indonesian delegates sitting in the first row below.

Student from UNISSULA asking her questions.

Presentation of UOW Malaysia souvenir by Dr. Prem Kaur to Head of Master Program of Notarial Law, Law Faculty UNISSULA, Dr. Nanang Sri Darmadi, S.H., M.H. flanked by Asliza Ali and UNISSULA’s Law Lecturer.

Group photo.

By UOW Malaysia

In a bid to deepen their understanding of Notarial Law and explore the nuances between Indonesian and Malaysian legal systems, approximately 120 Master’s students specializing in Notarial Law from the Law Faculty UNISSULA, Indonesia, embarked on a knowledge-exchange journey to the UOW Malaysia campus in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Malaysia, on February 21, 2024. The visit, which was warmly received by the School of Law at UOW Malaysia, marked a significant step towards fostering cross-border legal comprehension and collaboration.

The highlight of the visit was a presentation delivered by Puan Asliza Ali, a Senior Federal Counsel from the Civil Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers, Malaysia. Puan Asliza Ali shed light on the laws and regulations pertaining to Notary Public in Malaysia, providing invaluable insights into the Malaysian legal framework. Following the presentation, an engaging question and answer session ensued, allowing students to delve deeper into the comparative aspects of Notarial Law between Malaysia and Indonesia. The queries posed by the students were expertly addressed by both Puan Asliza Ali and Dr. Prem Kaur from the School of Law at UOW Malaysia.

Dr. Nanang Sri Darmadi, the Head of the Master’s Program of Notarial Law at the Law Faculty UNISSULA, expressed optimism about future collaborations with UOW Malaysia, extending beyond the realm of law to encompass all faculties within the university. This signifies a broader scope for interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation, fostering a holistic approach to academic and professional development.

The visit not only provided students with a platform to enhance their knowledge of Notarial Law but also facilitated cultural exchange and mutual understanding between students from Indonesia and Malaysia. By engaging in comparative legal studies and collaborative initiatives, the participating institutions aim to contribute to the advancement of legal education and practice in both countries.

Overall, the exchange between the Indonesian Master’s students and UOW Malaysia serves as a testament to the importance of international cooperation in legal education and highlights the potential for fruitful partnerships in addressing contemporary legal challenges across borders.


2024年 2月 27日




UOW Malaysia

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