Hoa Sen University’s Go Global with UOW Malaysia

By UOW Malaysia 

In a bid to broaden the horizons of its students and foster international collaboration, Hoa Sen University (HSU) of Vietnam embarked on a transformative journey through its Go Global Program. On 23 March 2024, 25 freshman students, along with accompanying staff, from HSU were warmly received by Mr. Gabriel Lau, Principal of UOW Malaysia KDU College.

Led by Mr. Le Thai Huy, Director of the Centre for Student Experience and Employment, and his Deputy Director, Mr. Nguyen Phi Long, the delegation from Hoa Sen University arrived at UOW Malaysia with great enthusiasm. Hoa Sen University, a prominent private institution based in Ho Chi Minh City, initiated the Hoa Sen Go Global International Integration Program earlier this year, aiming to provide students with a spectrum of international experiences.

During their visit, the students engaged in an enlightening session on ‘Global Attributes’ conducted by Mrs. Murina Rose, a Senior Lecturer from the School of Communication & Creative Arts at UOW Malaysia. This session provided valuable insights into the significance of cross-cultural competencies in today’s interconnected world.

Expressing his enthusiasm for further collaboration, the Director of HSU expressed his intention to formalise the partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which is slated to be signed in the near future. This signifies a significant step towards realising the shared vision of fostering global citizenship and academic excellence through collaborative endeavours between Hoa Sen University and the UOW Malaysia.


2024年 5月 28日





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