Acquire research skills and enhance knowledge in the science field.


The Master of Science (M.Sc) provides an opportunity for graduates to acquire research skills and deepen their knowledge in the science field. The research-based program is especially suitable for those who are looking for an ideal pathway between undergraduate study and doctoral degree, and will produce high calibre graduates who would be able to work in their respective specialisation areas.

Students who wish to embark on their research interests through their postgraduate studies are often limited by the program structure designed by academic institutions. The M.Sc offers students the flexibility of choosing their specialisation according to their research interests and career aspirations. Learning is done through consultation with the academic research supervisor.

The M.Sc trains students to critically analyse a problem, design a solution (or make a discovery) and implement the solution, and as such, highly encourages collaboration and innovation. The nature of the program also ensures students enhance their communication of ideas and skills, techniques and management, as well as entrepreneurial skills, all of which are beneficial to practices in the marketplace as well as academic field.


  • Study Law- A Traditional Legal Sector
  • About UOW Malaysia KDU’s Law Studies
  • Awards And Achievements Of UOW Malaysia KDU Graduates
  • Legal Career Pathways For Law Graduates


“The modern law graduate can move into a variety of positions not only confined to the courts”

Law is one of the oldest fields of study, and remains as one of the most sought-after and widely respected programmes in the world. A law degree is the first step towards a career path in the traditional legal sector, whether as a practicing advocate or solicitor. However, a Bachelor of law course is also one that opens many doors. The modern law graduate can move into a variety of positions not only confined to the courts but may also venture into the government, the public sector, business, corporations and even in entertainment. As the legal profession grows more dynamic every day, there is a demand for law graduates who are holistic in their approach and global in their outlook.

At UOW Malaysia KDU, our emphasis on holistic education and real-world learning gives our students the best exposure in the study of law. We guide students to discover the role they are most suited for when studying law here. Our Bachelor of Laws (3+0) University of London International programme is tailored to help students develop their legal analytical, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and research skills so they may excel in any career choice – whether as practicing attorneys, members of the judiciary or other legal professionals across a myriad of industries.





Good Student-Teacher Ratio

  • We pride ourselves with our small class sizes, as this fosters a better learning experience and closer interaction for LL.B law degree students. There is also greater opportunity for students to participate and engage in the subjects that are being taught, and for one-on-one contact with the subject lecturer which allows for consistent monitoring of students’ academic progress.

Personalised Attention

  • The faculty also maintains an open communication channel for students who study Law to raise any feedback or concerns, be it for academic or personal matters. The Law Society Centre at KDU functions as an interaction centre for both students and faculty members, ensuring both parties enjoy a good rapport.



The educational experience in study law at UOW Malaysia KDU is designed to help students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical learning, preparing them for lifelong learning and professional success. We expose our students to an array of learning experiences that include not only lectures and field trips, but also seminars and talks given by various law firms.


Field Trips

  • Field trips are essential to expose students to the practical side of legal studies. This not only gives them a first-hand view of how the legal environment, system and processes are, but also an understanding of what is happening in the real world. Some field trip locations include the Sungai Buloh Prison, Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex, Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration and Legal Aid Centre, just to name a few.

Legal Talks

  • Talks given by law firms provide our LL.B law degree students with the opportunity to meet up with practicing lawyers, who will be able to give students indispensable advice on what to expect in their future career. The industry link helps students to better grasp the understanding and expectations of the working world.



UOW Malaysia KDU Students Co-Authored and Published Book – The Hotshot Series: The Legal Line

UOW Malaysia KDU graduates, Kenneth Chung, Andreanna Ten and New Su Ann, co-authored and published a guide book for aspiring lawyers called ‘The Hotshot Series: The Legal Line’.

The book, which was conceived when the students were pursuing their law studies at UOW Malaysia KDU, serves as a framework for aspiring lawyers to understand what is required of them to reach their fullest potential and give them a realistic view of what a career in the legal profession is all about.

The enlightening book provides end-to-end advice on choosing a top law schools, expectations as a lawyer and of the legal practice, career options, as well as input and anecdotes of those from and related to the field of law, such as practicing lawyers, judges, criminal litigators, law firm partners, bankers and consultants, amongst many others.

‘The Hotshot Series: The Legal Line’ is published by LexisNexis, and was launched in 2016 by Yang Berhormat Puan Hajah Nancy binti Shukri, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.



LL.B Law graduates from UOW Malaysia KDU are equipped with diverse knowledge and practical skills, and can choose to work in a traditional legal practice or beyond. At UOW Malaysia KDU, students will be guided on choosing elective subjects that will lead to their own preferential pathways. The two most common pathways for a law graduate are as in-house counsel (corporate lawyers) or as advocates and solicitors (practicing lawyers).

In-house Counsel (Corporate Lawyer)
In-house Counsel refers to lawyer employed by a business or organisation solely for in-house legal advisory work. Their primary objective is to serve the interests of the organisation, not the owners of the business or the executives who run it. Small corporations may retain one or two lawyers on staff, while larger corporations typically have numerous in-house counsel, each with their own specialty.

In addition to legal counsel, corporate lawyers are
also called upon to provide business advice, whenever necessary. An in-house counsel’s job scope may include drafting legal documents, reviewing new business contracts, consulting and handling corporate legal processes such as mergers and acquisitions, financial / securities offerings and intellectual property, guiding executives on regulatory and compliance matters, developing company policy, and such.

Advocates and Solicitors (Practicing Lawyers)
Advocates and solicitors focus mainly in dealing and representing clients before the court, and are self-employed specialist in their area of legality.

Prior to being qualified as a practicing lawyer in Malaysia, law studies graduates will need to undertake the Certificate in Legal Practice examination (Malaysia) or the Bar Professional Training Course (UK), and undergo 9 months of chambering.

The difference between an advocate and a solicitor is that advocates defend people in court, while a solicitor mainly advise clients, undertake negotiations and draft legal documents, and are confined to magistrate courts. Solicitors usually have specialist knowledge of different areas of the law, such as family law, property law, criminal law, employment law and such. On the other hand, an advocate is usually contracted by a solicitor on behalf of their clients. Advocates stand in higher levels of court and plead cases on behalf of their clients in front of a judge.



UOW Malaysia KDU is proud to be the first and only private institute (institution) to officially pen down a Memorandum of Agreement with Inns of Court Malaysia (ICM); a professional body comprising of legal practitioners and the members of the judiciary. The collaboration between UOW Malaysia KDU and ICM is a pinnacle achievement made by the institution as it is in line with its vision which is set to ‘changing lives and enriching communities for a better world’.

2-4年(全日制)/ 3-6年(半工读)
伍伦贡大学马来西亚,格林玛丽大学城(Utropolis Glenmarie)


  • 学生将通过制定研究计划,系统地构建和发展他们的研究,该计划将指导学生完成整个研究过程。

–  研究方法



  • 研究计划通过后,学生将在导师的指导下开始研究,并独立完成研究项目。



  • 完成研究后,学生将在论文中记录研究项目和过程。研究硕士学位论文一般不超过6万字。



  • 完成研究和论文后,学生将接受口试,口试由该领域的专家主持。
  • Electrical and electronic
  • Embedded System
  • Image Processing
  • Renewable / Sustainable energy
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Quality Engineering / Industrial Engineering
  • Advanced Materials
  • Solid mechanics and materials
  • Thermo-fluids and turbomachinery
  • Manufacturing and system Engineering
  • Green manufacturing
  • IOT / Industry 4.0
  • Photonics

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