Why Choose Social Science at UOW Malaysia?

Social sciences are the study of humanities, the society and its social relationships. The social sciences area includes cultural (or social) anthropology, social communication, sociology, social psychology, psychology, political science, and economics. The social sciences subjects at UOW Malaysia are developed with a deep understanding on how the human society works. Our students are equipped to become an expert in their own sphere, taking a more holistic approach to understanding the society, its evolutions, and the social relationships between individual and the state.

By studying the Social Sciences at UOW Malaysia, we ensure our students are trained in their mindset to encourage critical and innovative thinking, developing lifelong learning skills and empowering the communicative and problem-solving skills which are vital in ensuring the career success.

Our Social Sciences graduates will undoubtedly find their places in the society playing pivotal role such as policymakers, decision-makers, top managerial roles in governments and large corporations.