Siti Fazilah Shamsudin

Email: [email protected]

Siti Fazilah Shamsudin is senior lecturer at UOW Malaysia with more than 20 years’ of experience as an academic in the areas of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Her research interests are in software engineering, human computer interaction and computer science education. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Information System at University Technology Mara (UiTM). She received the Master in Information Technology from University Technology Mara (UiTM) and BSc (Hons) in Computer Engineering from De Montfort University, Leicester England.

Siti Fazilah Shamsudin brings with her more than 20 years of experience in the academic industry. Throughout her time in UOW Malaysia KDU University College, she has undertaken various roles that complement her teaching responsibilities. Siti is an integral member of the school where she is focused on program development and curriculum design. She plays a pivotal role in the accreditation process for the computing degrees within the school, all of which have achieved full accreditation. Throughout the process, she is also involved in process improvement, ensuring the smooth operations and management of the courses.

In the research area, Siti is the main coordinator for Final Year Project where she has contributed her knowledge and experience to nurture students in their final year studies in their preparation in completing their research reports. She has also been actively involved with her peers in the institution in producing journal papers reputable publications. She has also the recipient of several research grants.

Siti demonstrates good pastoral care to her students, guiding them through their studies and assignments. She has been a member of committees that organized talks, seminars and other events while providing effective input for the development and betterment of UOW Malaysia.

PhD University Technology Mara (UiTM), On-going
Research Title: Designing a framework for Visual Appeal Interface Design for Slow Learner

Master of Information Technology University Technology Mara (UiTM), 2002 – 2004

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (Hons) De Montfort University (UK), 1996 – 1999

Year Title

Journal Publications

Navaratnam,S., Shamsudin, S.F, Raman, V., Perumal, S., (2018), Automated Kidney Stone Segmentation by Seed Pixel Region Growing Approach: Initial Implementation and Results,In International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE) c32e1c9a31c3da857134c9326923c9f6


Journal Publications

Perumal, S., Navaratnam,S., Shamsudin, S.F,De Vosse, C., Narayanasamy, G.,(2017, May), Comparative Studies on Mobile Forensic Evidence Extraction Open Source Software for Android Phone. In Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience (Vol. 23, Number 5, pp. 4483-4486(4)).


Journal Publications

Navaratnam,S., Shamsudin, S.F, Raman, V., Perumal, S. (2016, September), Proposed Seed Pixel Region Growing Segmentation and Artificial Neural Network Classifier for Detecting the Renal Calculi in Ultrasound Images for Urologist Decisions,In IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues (Vol. 13, Issue 5, p.62-68)

Raman, V., Perumal, S., Navaratnam,S., Shamsudin, S.F,(2016, September), Computer Assisted Counter System for Larvae and Juvenile Fish in Malaysian Fishing Hatcheries by Machine Learning Approach, Journal of Computers (Vol. 11, no. 5, p. 423-431)
doi: 10.17706/jcp.11.5.423-431



Duration: 1 August 2021 – 31 January 2022
Details: Appointed by Islamic Science University of Malaysia as Assistant Consultant (RM20,000)




Title: A New Algorithm for Ovarian Tumor Classification from Ultrasonic Images
Duration: November 2020 – November 2022
Sponsors/Grant: UOW Malaysia KDU (RM22,500)



Title: A Facio Cyber Forensic: Recognition and Extraction of Good Quality Faces In Poor Resolution Videos From Video Surveillance By Intergrated Wavelet Technique
Duration: November 2017 – November 2019
Sponsors/Grant: UOW Malaysia KDU (RM24,900)



Title: One KDU Forensics Toolkit
Duration: November 2016 – November 2018
Sponsors/Grant: UOW Malaysia KDU (RM24,900)

Title: Kidney Stone Detection System: Leveraging Seed Pixel Region Growing Segmentation and Artificial Neural Network Classifier for Detecting the Different Size of Renal Calculi in Ultrasound Images
Duration: November 2016 – November 2018
Sponsors/Grant: UOW Malaysia KDU (RM24,900)



Title: Automated Larvae and Fish Counter: Proposed Computer Assisted Prototype to Count the Larvae and Juveneile Fish by Enhanced Region Clustering Method in Malaysian Fishing Hatcheries
Duration: November 2015 – November 2016
Sponsors/Grant: UOW Malaysia KDU (RM9,600)



Title: Semantic Extractor Tool: Matlab Results and Evaluation on Sematic Extraction in Sports Video
Duration: November 2014 – November 2015
Sponsors/Grant: UOW Malaysia KDU (RM9,600)


Appointments as Reviewer
6th International Conference User Science and Engineering 2021 (i-USEr 2021)