Degree in Information Technology Class of 2013

伍伦贡大学马来西亚,格林玛丽大学城(Utropolis Glenmarie)

To Elric, he is very fortunate that he had the support of the lecturers and staff even after non-consultation hours to help him with his assignment. Also, there were opportunities for students to grow themselves in terms of soft skill through engaging in club and societies events. Elric was in Student council and a technology based club namely Tech@KDU. While he was in student council, he was mainly in charge of the technology part of things when running events for student council. The opportunity for him to meet different students and staffs and work together to make the event successful was a great experience for him.

And while he was in Tech@KDU, he had the support of many major corporation, such a Microsoft. He and his committee members had the privilege in hosting the Asia Pacific launch of the WeSpeakCode initiative by Microsoft as well as being part of the working committee for the Microsoft GameJam.

Elric's biggest achievement so far is being able to represent KDU and Malaysia in participating in the first ever MIT-GSL program. MIT-GSL is a 2 months program hosted in University Kerbangsaan Malaysia (UKM) where mentor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are sent to Malaysia to nurture future entrepreneur by mentoring student from selected University with industrial best practice and technology to produce a Minimum Viable Product at the end of the program. Elric and his team is fortunate to win the category of best prototype during the event.