Hakim Rosidi

Class of 2013

伍伦贡大学马来西亚,格林玛丽大学城(Utropolis Glenmarie)

akim was looking for a culinary course at the time when he stumbled upon a KDU flyer. After giving it some thoughts, he decided that he would enrol in KDU, and he believed he had made the right choice.

When thinking back of his fondest memories in KDU, he admitted that there were a lot of memories that is memorable for him. These includes the exciting cooking classes, where they learned different cooking skills and courses, the late night group studies for examinations, and definitely all the awesome friends he had made when he was studying.

Hakim finds that KDU has excellent culinary courses that has sparked his passion in culinary. With the help and mentorship from the superb chef lecturers in KDU, he believes that it had helped shaped his career path and be at where he is right now. As a chef, he believes that having a passion in keeping life fun, interesting and enjoyable is the key.