Communication & Creative Arts Class of 2016

马来西亚伍伦贡伯乐大学学院,格林玛丽大学城(Utropolis Glenmarie)

His rationale reason for choosing KDU was simple - "They offered a good amount of credit transfer from the subjects I completed from my previous course and was relatively close to my home". As the KDU's September intake came at the right timing, where he was just finished off with his repeated subject, he did not really expect much when he first enrolled. After experiencing so many delays in his studies, his focus was to quickly get the Degree over and done with. But little did he knew that, "This was going to be one of the most unforgettable, important phase of my life."

Growing up I was never an academically excellent student, I was just studying for the sake of studying." He added that he learned it the hard way, that in order to be successful in life, it is not enough putting your head into it, but you must also put your heart into it. When he was given a second chance to make things right in KDU, it was like a restart button in his life and he wanted to start afresh. He added, " .. and I am thankful for the passionate, dedicated lecturers who have been a huge part of my learning & growth. They were very supportive, encouraging, and provided me with an education that was not just information to my head, but transformation to my heart. Without them, I wouldn't have graduated as a Valedictorian and be at where I am today."

Upon graduating from KDU, he was immediately offered a position in Leaderonomics, a social enterprise dedicated to leadership development. He currently works with business and corporate leaders from various organisations to develop their employees to be better leaders at their workplace, using learning as a strategic weapon. He said, "See the connection? It's wonderful how the lessons that I've picked up during my years in KDU (learning that comes from the heart) is in direct correlation to the work I am doing today."