Brandon John LiPaul

UOW Malaysia (Selangor)

My name is Brandon LiPaul and I am currently attached to RTM as a News Presenter, Radio Announcer and Tv Host.  I’ve always been so fascinated with communication for some reason hence, getting the above opportunities was something I worked towards.  Besides going on-air, I tapped into the world of social media recently and managed to gain quite a significant number of followers and 3Million+ views for one of my contents.

Majoring in Journalism and Broadcasting was an interesting experience in UOW Malaysia. I must say, being able to meet different lecturers sharing their expertise and experience in this field was remarkable. Learning about the Radio Hot Clock in particular has helped me to conceptualize my radio shows better.

Remember, always take life with a pinch of salt. Never depend on others no matter how promising they may be, and never forget to love yourself along the way.  It’s great to be curious in the field you’re pursuing, learn as much as you can outside and inside campus. The real knowledge and hands-on experience come from how thirsty you actually are.  Make a lot of mistakes, learn from it and most importantly, have fun!

John Poh

UOW Malaysia (Penang)

Guided by Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom—”Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”—my university journey began with a captivating visit to UOW Malaysia during an Open Day. Inspired, I embarked on my educational pursuit, eventually becoming the President of the Art Farm Design Club.

In two and a half years, I earned multiple Dean’s List awards and graduated with Distinction. Continuing my Bachelor’s Degree to further enrich my education, I faced challenges, emerged as the top student, and graduated with First-Class Honours, receiving the Academic Best Student Award during the Convocation Ceremony.

Upon graduation, UOW Malaysia (Penang Campus) approached me to become a part-time lecturer in the faculty. Given my recent graduation from the university, and my skills in software, presentation, management, and administration, they believed I was well-suited for the educator role. Teaching what I had learned to Diploma students made a significant difference, as I thoroughly needed to understand the subjects.

On December 2020, I founded my creative and design firm, Axial Design Studio, with the goal of establishing a company focused on the future of creativity, including virtual projects, 360° virtual tours, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), design, and renovation. I realized my dream of owning a company, a dream I had nurtured since 2014. Today, we have a team that is grateful for the trust and support of our clients.

To end things, I would like to extend my best wishes to all upcoming graduates. Remember that every path is unique, and every step you take is significant. Pursue your passions and excel in what you do best.

Abby Toh Zhi Syuen

UOW Malaysia (Penang)

I’m deeply grateful for the journey I’ve been fortunate to embark on in the realms of business and technology. My driving force has always been an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

Currently, I serve as the COO at, a well-respected local cloud hosting company with a mission to simplify technology for businesses, enabling them to focus on their growth. Since joining the team in 2020, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the deployment of digital solutions for over 1000 companies across various industries.

In 2021, my journey took another significant step when I co-founded, a tech startup with a profound mission to positively impact the gig economy and the digital talent landscape. Over the course of a year, has collaborated with thousands of digital talents and established partnerships with government entities, educational institutions, and tech companies.

During my time at UOW Malaysia (Penang Campus), where I pursued a Diploma in Business Management and Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, the university’s program played an instrumental role in my career development. Faculty members recognized my potential and recommended me for various events, competitions, and activities, providing me with exposure that I deeply appreciate. My active involvement in organizing events within the school further enriched my leadership and networking skills. In addition to academic pursuits, I actively engaged in numerous entrepreneurship events during my time at UOW Malaysia (Penang Campus). It was during this period that I embarked on my very first startup venture, marking the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. This experience planted the seeds of innovation and determination that have guided me to where I am today.

In conclusion, I’d like to share some advice with current and prospective students: “Embrace every opportunity to learn, grow, and connect. The skills and knowledge you gain during your academic journey will be invaluable in your future endeavours. Stay curious, take risks, and remember that success often involves collaboration and making a positive impact.”

Nurshaqina Tasim

UOW Malaysia (Penang)

Presently, I serve as a staff nurse in the High Dependency Unit/Intensive Care Unit (HDU/ICU) Department at a private hospital in Penang. My journey into nursing was made possible through complete sponsorship, ensuring a secured work opportunity upon the completion of my studies. The gratitude I feel for this invaluable support is immeasurable, as it facilitated my educational pursuits significantly.

My journey at UOW Malaysia’s Nursing Program has been transformative, preparing me thoroughly for the dynamic challenges within the healthcare industry. The guidance of our dedicated lecturers and clinical instructors has been instrumental in honing our skills and fostering a commitment to excellence.

As a staff nurse, I navigate a diverse array of responsibilities, from direct patient care to collaborating with fellow healthcare professionals. The fast-paced nature of nursing demands the simultaneous management of numerous tasks and needs. The knowledge and skills instilled by our educators continue to be indispensable in my current role. Beyond the technical aspects, our training has instilled in us a heightened sense of patience and empathy, enhancing our ability to provide holistic care. The long hours invested in theory classes and clinical rotations have unequivocally proven worthwhile.

Heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates and aspiring nurses! Your dedication and hard work have culminated in the attainment of your nursing certificates, marking the commencement of a journey where you can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Your passion for caregiving and healing is genuinely inspiring, and I extend my best wishes for a successful career filled with endless opportunities to shine!

Raymond Tham

UOW Malaysia (Selangor)

Mr. Raymond Tham is no stranger to pastry. Despite graduating with honours in Business Administration in the UK and hospitality management in UOW Malaysia, Raymond’s passion in pastry led him to a scholarship to one of the world’s renowned culinary institute.

Raymond shared of his apprenticeship and working experience in England for 5 years which enabled him to develop vast skills in the art of patisserie. One of this key milestones was to create desserts for the wedding reception of Mr. Tom Parker Bowles, food writer and son of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Amongst the many achievements such as becoming the Senior Chef-De-Partie with Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda, Chef Raymond decided to moved back home to Malaysia. He continued his professional journey in UOW Malaysia and took up the challenge of teaching patisseries, chocolate and confections for 3 years.

He won medals for UOW Malaysia (Bronze & Silver medal Showpieces in FHA & HOFEXO). Chef Raymond assumed the position of Technical Advisor at Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific, which main responsibilities included conducting demonstrations and hands-on training for gourmet brands such as Cacao Barry, Callebaut, Sicao and Selbourne. Chef Raymond is the chef patron of Skillet@163 in Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur.

Within less than 2 years, Skillet had won a few accolades to name a few the best European 2015 by Timeout KL and Best independent restaurant 2016 by Expatriate lifestyle, Top 10 restaurant ranking in tripadvisor among 3000 restaurant around KL.

Sean-Li Murmann

UOW Malaysia (Selangor)

I have been working with Streamline Studios and Streamline Games for over 4 years now and in my time there I had the opportunity to work on fantastic projects such as Final Fantasy XV, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and lead the development on Bake ‘n Switch. I started in Streamline Studios as an intern as I graduated from the Game Development Program. The 3 years in UOW Malaysia were certainly busy and challenging at times.

However, I am very grateful for the lecturers that taught, encouraged, and nurtured me, as well as my classmates that supported me during my time in UOW Malaysia’s Game Development Program. They have all helped me get to where I am today.

Our connections to UOW Malaysia’s Game Development Program are still cherished today as we are constantly searching for fresh talent to join our growing studio. Founded in 2001 in Netherlands, Streamline Studios is one of the most experienced and tenured Co-Development studios worldwide. In December 2010, Streamline Studios opened its new production office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where it currently runs operations. Streamline Studios has worked on games such as Final Fantasy XV, Street Fighter V and BioShock Infinite. Streamline Studios has offices in Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur.

Jack Ong Wei Liang

UOW Malaysia (Selangor)

Without the efforts of my lecturers who guided me and provided opportunities to meet up with other game developers in Malaysia, I would not have gotten the chance of laying my first game programming job in Passion Republic, a reputable game development company in Malaysia. I feel very grateful for how UOW Malaysia’s Game Development Program prepared me for my career in terms of both my technical and soft skills.

The learning experiences I gained from this program have reflected heavily on my working experience, and I have adapted well with the company since my employment. Because of this program, I have had a pleasant experience working as a competent game developer who gets to express my passion in making games.

Passion Republic was involved in the development of Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. The studio has previously worked on other major titles in the past, including The Last Of Us Part 2, Gears 5, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Uncharted 4 and more.

Hani Farhana (Hunny Madu)

UOW Malaysia (Selangor)

After completing SPM in SMK Damansara Utama, Hani or better known as Hunny Madu, a TV host-cum-rap artiste as she is popularly known among Malaysian entertainment industry for her multi-talents. She always driven past UOW Malaysia and one day decided to stop by to check out the courses offered on a whim. According to Hunny, “I went to other places to do the same but felt UOW Malaysia had a great twinning program with Perth. I also knew some seniors who went to Murdoch University to complete their degree and their transit from UOW Malaysia had been a great experience,” says Hunny. She is glad that she chose UOW Malaysia in the end because she felt that the institution recognized her talent from the early days right away.

When asked on her fondest memories being in UOW Malaysia, she said, “I owe a lot of great memories here. I was roped in my first rap group there, hosted my first event, performed and met so many great minds alike and met a lot of good friends in UOW Malaysia. I had friends from so many other courses too, from business students, diploma in communication to even the teaching staff.” Also, she remembered a hip hop concert was hosted at UOW Malaysia and that was when she first saw Teh Tarik Crew (local hip hop group artist) performing and Mizz Nina (former musician, singer-songwriter, dancer and rapper) was rapping on stage. “She was the only active female rapper at the time and she certainly inspired me,” she added.

On how UOW Malaysia was able to add value and provide a stepping stone in your present career today, Hunny reflects that UOW Malaysia had recognised her passion and talent from the early days. UOW Malaysia have given her a platform she did not know she wanted and believed in her from the start. “I remember my lecturer, Mr Sham who said to me ‘You’re a natural for radio. I hope you go for it when you graduate’,” she reflects.

“I got a distinction in that subject and funnily enough I did go on to do radio for 6 years and I believe people still remember me by my radio days. UOW Malaysia also elected me as the face for Communication Studies and put me on the pamphlets and billboards and that was my first ever ‘print-work’ you would say.”

Mohd Azuan Shah bin Yaakap

UOW Malaysia (Penang)

My journey in Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering was long, but it was the most valuable and enjoyable experience nonetheless. My academic qualifications have assisted me to stand out more prominently in my field, adding to my 15 years of experience. Presently, I work as an Engineering Manager in Regulatory Compliance specializing in RF/EMC at Motorola Solutions Malaysia SDN BHD.

Studying at UOW Malaysia helped me understand how much academic qualifications could help in propelling an engineering career, which inspired me to pursue and successfully complete my Master’s Degree in 2022. I am now preparing to start my PhD journey in Electrical Engineering by the end of 2023. The university instilled the value of loving what you do, which encourages continuous self-improvement. It instills within you the courage to try, to fail, and then to get back up.

I urge graduates to recognize that the world is full of possibilities as long as you remain steadfast in your dreams. The journey to success may not be easy, but the passion and dedication instilled in us by the university will inspire us to achieve our objectives. I am proud of being part of the university’s alumni because it has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

Lastly, and most importantly, love what you do. It provides the necessary motivation for self-improvement. The passion and dedication instilled in us by the university will drive us to achieve our goals, even in the face of difficulties. I am confident that as the alumni of UOW Malaysia, we will make significant contributions to our field and society as a whole.

Nicole Cheah

UOW Malaysia (Penang)

Nicole Cheah joined UOW Malaysia (Penang Campus) for the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Public Relations in 2012. She found herself enjoying and excelling in corporate communications and writing. Upon graduating, she moved to Kuala Lumpur to work in the marketing and advertising field.

“After graduating, I moved to Kuala Lumpur where I’ve since permanently resided to work in the marketing and advertising field. I started my career in one of the industry’s largest multinational agencies, working on social media marketing for Malaysia Airlines. From there, I’ve moved across two agencies and have worked with different brands such as Coway, Johnnie Walker, E&O and more. I now drive business and bring in potential new brands at my current agency.”

Looking back on her journey, Nicole attributed her lecturers in UOW Malaysia as the catalyst for her passion and drive.

“The lecturers during my time at UOW Malaysia (Penang Campus) helped me become more passionate and driven, which greatly applies to my success. I truly am grateful for their nurturing ways that helped boost my confidence to be who I am today and for teaching me the skills I needed to kickstart my career.”

Today, Nicole remains passionate in the art of fashion and beauty, with interest in visual designing and writing. She is still constantly seeking to grow and gain experience in the marketing/advertising/fashion industry. Nicole also utilizes social media for good causes and to inspire others as a beauty micro influencer through creative makeup content.

Matthew Pragasam

UOW Malaysia (Penang)

“My journey with UOW Malaysia took place from early 2012 to the end of 2015. I was first a Diploma student in Engineering but decided to stay on with the institution to obtain my bachelor’s in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. I started out struggling in the courses, learning to persevere through. But as I came to the very last semester, I developed a deep love for Engineering.”

“I discovered my passion for programming while preparing for my final year project. It is fulfilling for me as programming would require me to maximize and grow my problem-solving skills.”

“Because of UOW Malaysia’s School of Engineering that I was equipped to become a curious learner and a problem solver. I applied these skills to every negotiation, every business partnership, and even conversations. Constantly identifying the scope of problems and determining the objectives accurately to solve the problems with variables with which I know and what I can control.”

“Following my departure from Intel, I founded three companies, managed over 40+ talents across engineering, design, marketing and sales, developed over 48 projects (whom many of our clients ended becoming our partners).”

Matthew founded and now serves as the director for Ninebright Group Sdn. Bhd. and Paymate Technology Sdn. Bhd. He was awarded the Adjunct Professor (2018-2019) Award by Shanghai University school of MBA. He also travels all around the world as the keynote speaker in technology conferences, notably in Saudi Arabia in the ranks of Aramco, Microsoft, IBM, and HyperloopTT.

“I am grateful for the opportunities to provide meaningful insights, guidance, and solutions to corporate clients, SMEs, and government agencies. I believe we can give back to society through imparting what we have learned to others.”

Khor Kuan Guo (Andrew)

UOW Malaysia (Penang)

During my studies at UOW Malaysia KDU Penang, I was exposed to many opportunities, including lecturers that truly inspire me to find my passion. The lecturers here are always taking an extra step to help out their students. The overall structure of the program along with the extensive accessible resources on the campus brought out the greatest experience during my studies. In short, UOW Malaysia KDU Penang successfully laid the stepping stones for my current career path which I’m grateful for.

The courses and culture in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang have made me well equipped with skill sets that can be applied right when I stepped into my internship where I’d be facing clients & stakeholders, client projects, and collaborating with peers from different backgrounds. From knowledgeable & approachable lecturers to challenging assignments, it has helped me grow in almost every aspect. The internship program made a huge impact on my career as that is where I found my passion for programming. Over the years, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to take charge of different projects and held different roles, and that has ultimately helped me become who I am today.

Back in 2020 when the pandemic hit Malaysia, I was heavily involved in a contact-tracing project with a cross-functional team. We proudly launch the project within a short period of time and it quickly reached thousands of active users. I believe that this has brought the convenience of society’s responsibility in taking part in the country’s Covid mitigation plan. Also, having taken up the leadership role and training juniors & interns in my company has allowed me to inspire them to better determine their future career paths. I am sure that there will be more impactful contributions to be offered to society.