Looking for a place to stay when you’re studying away from home can be quite a hassle. Living independently is a new experience for many students who are leaving home to continue their tertiary education in another state or country. We understand your worries and that’s why, here at UOW Malaysia, we offer our students a home away from home.  


Things to consider when renting student accommodation



Student accommodation can vary in shapes, sizes and price tags. For example, small medium twin sharing rooms cost less than single rooms. Before you look for a room, you will have to budget and work out what you can afford per month. You will also have to consider the deposit and advance rental that needs to be paid upfront before moving in. Also, remember that you might have to budget for other things such as food and utilities.  


Location is also an important factor. Here are some things about accommodation that you should consider: 

  1. How far is it to your campus or to your lectures? Will you be able to walk? If not, will there be a bus, train or shuttle service? 
  2. Are there transport links? Will it be difficult for you to get to the city centre or surrounding areas? 
  3. What is your immediate area like? Will you be able to get all your necessities easily? 


It’s wise to find out the facilities offered at your student accommodation. For example, 

  1. Will bathroom facilities be shared or will you have your own suite? 
  2. Is food catered or will you have to prepare your own meals?
  3. Is there an in house laundry service? 
  4. Will there be air conditioning? 
  5. Is there a study room that you can work in if you’re sharing a bedroom? 

Knowing what facilities are available will ensure that you’re not in for any surprises when you move in.