A Culinary Experience at UOW Malaysia

By UOW Malaysia 

On 25 April 2024, the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts (SHTCA) of UOW Malaysia hosted a group of 44 students from SMK Subang Jaya. The students were invited to participate in a two-hour culinary workshop designed to introduce them to the culinary realm and ignite their interest in the field. SHTCA’s Lecturers Chef Paul Lionel and Chef Muhammad Edwan led a workshop where they demonstrated the preparation of a modernized Chicken Cordon Bleu with delicious accompaniments. After the demonstration, students replicated the dish, gaining hands-on experience and enjoying the satisfaction of tasting their own creations.

On a separate occasion, SHTCA hosted a group of 30 Pay Fong High School students from Melaka on 27 April 2024. Under the guidance of Chef Adrian Pinto, with assistance from Chef Intan, the students were introduced to the art of preparing a hotel-quality ‘Big Breakfast’. The demonstration featured an array of breakfast classics, followed by dish creation and relishing their own prepared ‘Big Breakfast’.

These workshops not only provided the students with valuable culinary skills but also gave them a glimpse into the world of professional cooking. UOW Malaysia’s SHTCA continues to inspire young minds, fostering a passion for culinary arts through interactive and engaging experiences.


14 June 2024




UOW Malaysia

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