Student Experience Management Camp

Students having Ice Breaking Session.

Students pitching their Club’s Event Plan for 2023.

Chinese Cultural Society team.

Students organising their Club Files.

By UOW Malaysia KDU

On the 18th of February 2023, UOW Malaysia Student and Alumni centre organised a Students Experience Management Camp 2023 for all Clubs and Societies, UniBuddy, and Resident Ambassadors of UOW Malaysia. The event began at approximately 9.00 am after all the students had registered and breakfasted. The Student and Alumni Centre conduct this event. There were over 100 students who registered for the camp.

The event began with an ice-breaking session conducted by Aisyah, Yugin, and Syafiq. Two games were conducted: the ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Cups’ and the ‘Broken Telephone.’ The games aimed to build solid relationships and bonds with all the students and build teamwork in a group of students.

After the ice-breaking session, all students were gathered back in the Lecture Hall, and the event continued with the Clubs and Societies Management by Ms. Azura. Ms. Azura has briefed more on the Clubs & Societies handbook, the new UOW Malaysia logo, and Club Constitution and explained more about the process of creating events on campus.

Followed by “The Journey to be a Star” by Mr. Mitchell from Student and Alumni Centre. Mr. Mitchell shared more on the awards that will be awarded during Awards Night, which will happen at the end of the year.

The event continued with a lunch break at 12.30 pm and returned to the Lecture Hall at 1.30 pm for Ms. Azura to further explain the 2023 Direction. All the students were also tasked to complete their club file and list events they plan to do throughout 2023 to set a goal for 2023.

All Clubs and Societies were tasked to present their events and plan for 2023 following the Youth Empowerment Plan. All Clubs and Societies brainstormed and discussed among themselves and sent representatives to pitch their events and plans for 2023.

After all, were done with their pitching session, the event was dismissed and ended successfully.


08 March 2023


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