UOW Malaysia KDU Software Engineering students scores silver at the International Research Project Olympiad 2022

By UOW Malaysia KDU

UOW Malaysia KDU students, Chan Hua JIan (Left) and Priscilla Chang Pei Sze (Right) with their International Research Project Olympiad 2022 silver award certificates.

Final year UOW Malaysia KDU University College Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) students, Chan Hua Jian and Priscilla Chang Pei Sze bagged the second place at the recent International Research Project Olympiad (2022) organised by the Indonesian Scientific Society (ISS) and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Technology Indonesia. The competition is a platform for students to test their scientific research and innovation to improve whilst harnessing the spirit of creativity.

The competition featured 300 submissions from 22 countries that included Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Serbia, Romania, India, Egypt, Nepal, China, Yemen, and Costa Rica. 75 finalist projects were selected to compete in categories ranging from Mathematics to Computer Technology. Whilst the competition was held virtually, this did not deter Hua Jian and Priscilla’s to pursue their research project entitled “Trash Recycling & Sorting Intelligence System (TRSIS)” from reaching the finals held on the 23rd July 2022.

Their project tackles the issues of rapid urbanisation in Malaysia where the waste management resources has quadrupled over the years. With conventional methods of landfill management at the overload, the government tried to circumvent the issue with the waste segregation programme however awareness and adoption will take time. With the TRSIS system, the duo created a workable model where users can deposit the proper recyclable item into the correct bins. The system uses recognition of recyclable items with the use of custom machine learning of 83% accuracy. As training of image recognition increases, the accuracy increases. The judges were impressed with the application of innovation with creativity to solve the problems of world urbanisation and future educating the benefits of waste segregation.

With the winning Mexico team narrowly edging Hua Jian and Priscilla’s project; this will not deter the duo from realising their project dream into reality.  We, at UOW Malaysia KDU are confident that both Hua Jian and Priscilla will drive on to greater heights in their careers. UOW Malaysia’s School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM) offers undergraduate programs in technology to develop students’ understanding beyond their classroom. The syllabus ensures the students are provided with a strong grasp in the fundamentals in computing, learning the basics of programming to using complex algorithms in designing, building, and testing applications and systems.


16 August 2022


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