UOW Students Spend Time at Cambridge

Having class at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge.

Dinner at Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Group photo with Prof. Steve Satchel (left 6), Prof. Alex Frino (left 7) and students from Australia, Malaysia, and Dubai. Ms. Liaw Hui Xin (Bachelor in Accounting and Finance Year 3, left 6) and Ms. Teng Jia Sin (Bachelor in Accounting and Finance Year 3, right 3).

By UOW Malaysia 

Fifteen students of University of Wollongong (UOW) were blessed with the chance to study at the University of Cambridge as part of UOW’s student mobility program.

This program allows UOW students worldwide to take up unique courses, research opportunities, and cultural immersion experiences domestically and internationally to gain exposure while enhancing their academic experience.

At Cambridge, they delved into a special topic: Advanced Theory of Finance, and the students comprised two from UOW Hong Kong, two from UOW Malaysia, one from UOW Dubai and 10 from UOW Australia.

I, Logeswary Mariappan as UOW Malaysia’s School of Business lecturer, was assigned to be there and supervise two student groups with three students each. UOW Australia’s financial economist Prof Alex Frino and Prof Steve Satchell, who is a fellow in economics at Trinity College of University of Cambridge, delivered the lectures and provided the materials and lecture slides. The course was assessed by Prof Frino on the mid-semester examination, assignments, and final examination.

The city of Cambridge is north of London in Cambridgeshire. Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the third oldest university in the world and is renowned for its academic excellence. It produced some of the most influential figures in history including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Stephen Hawking.

The course for the 15 students was taught on-site at Hughes Hall, College of the University of Cambridge, from 4th July to 20th July. Hughes Hall was established in 1885, at first for women graduates going for teachers training. It is perfect for learning, and the accommodations were ideal for a comfortable, even enjoyable stay.

The students and I were filled with wonder for the vibrant, international and friendly academic atmosphere. I had feared that our UOW Malaysia students might face disadvantages, but it was unfounded because I could see that the intellect and academic levels of all the UOW students pooled together from around the world were equal.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served at the cafeteria of Hughes Hall. There were a lot of bread, croissants and chips (potato wedges and fries). There was pizza and spaghetti regularly, with rice occasionally although I think the English way of cooking rice could do with a bit more improvement. Delightfully, the menu had a daily focus for those on a vegetarian diet.

We were privileged to attend a dinner at Trinity College. Dinners at this prestigious university are daily events treated with honor and respect.

The privilege accorded to the 15 UOW students could not have happen without Prof Satchell. Such an experience was not only memorable but also help me to gain new perspectives on teaching and learning.

It was also a pleasure to meet my colleague from UOW Hong Kong, Toby Butt, and from UOW Australia, Robbie Gaudiosi. It was a privilege to collaborate with such highly experienced professionals, and I am excited to see what new opportunities arise in the future for us to collaborate. We felt a sense of kinship, to be separated by such great distance geographically and yet to be from the same global academic institution.

2nd July – As planned, I met our UOW Malaysia students Hui Xin and Jia Sin at the airport. Our flight was at 7.50pm, which was a transit flight to Dubai. We arrived at Dubai International Airport at 11.30pm and had a four-hour transit before our connecting flight to London.

3rd July – We landed at 7.05am, London time, at Heathrow. It took us almost 2.5 hours to clear Immigration. We arrived at Hughes Hall by cab at 12.30pm. At Porter’s Lodge – the name of the guard house of Cambridge University – an amiable Englishman named Ian helped us with a smooth check-in, showed us where the cafeteria is and brought us to our rooms at Gresham Court in Hughes Hall. At lunch, I met UOW Hong Kong’s lecturer Tony Butt. We previously met in a Zoom meeting on our book project, and this was our first face-to-face. We had a great conversation and I was impressed with his knowledge and insights.

After lunch, we walked around the college to orientate ourselves and spent time admiring the well-manicured cricket field. Dinner was at 6.30pm, then we went back to our rooms for an early.

4th July till 7th July – Classes were in the Pavilion Room in Hughes Hall, at the end of the Wollaston Building. The first class was conducted by Prof Satchell. He is knowledgeable and explained the derivation of the risk and return formula. He is excellent at using matrices. Classes took place from 9.30am to 11am, followed by group supervision from 11.30am to 1pm. Then lunch at the cafeteria and followed by more supervision from 2pm to 3.30pm.

10th July – There was a mid-semester examination. Therefore, classes started at 11am with Prof Satchell. The class ended at 12.30pm, and the supervision class was combined at 2pm.

11th July – During breakfast, I met with Prof Frino for the first time. Classes and supervisions went on as usual. We were invited to dinner at Trinity College at 6pm, where we were welcomed by Prof Satchell and his wife in the Allhusen Room. Prof Frino welcomed the dinner guests and thanked Prof Satchell for hosting us. I was humbled to be chosen by Prof Frino to express our appreciation to Prof Satchell and the students for their commitment and dedication to the UOW student mobility programme.

12th July – 17th July – Classes were conducted by Prof Frino followed by supervision. On the 13th of July, Prof Frino guided the students on how to complete their assignments. He made sure each student had a solid understanding of what was expected of them. UOW Malaysia’s students decided to focus their assignment on the Malaysian stock market.

18th July – The last class before the final examination was conducted by Prof Satchell. We took a group photo and handed testimonials to all students of the UOW student mobility program.

20th July – The final examination was held from 9.30am to 12pm. After the exam, some of the students headed back to their home country, some holidayed in London and some travelled to Paris and Amsterdam.

22nd July – After our last meal at Cambridge, we checked out of Hughes Hall and left London with an odd mix of sad and happy feelings.


11 September 2023




UOW Malaysia

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