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Gone are the days where a degree can guarantee you a job upon your graduation. According to the Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA) statistics in 2023, approximately 90,000 graduates in Malaysia are facing unemployment. A survey conducted by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (MOE) indicates that one of the key reasons for graduate unemployment is the lack of skills, knowledge, and attitudes sought by employers.

At UOW Malaysia, we understand the evolving demands of the job market and are committed to ensuring our graduates are well-prepared to meet these challenges. Our comprehensive programs are designed not only to provide a strong academic foundation but also to equip students with the practical skills and professional attitudes that employers are actively seeking.

What innovative approaches does UOW Malaysia employ to ensure our graduates are job- ready and highly competitive in today’s job market?

Your Educational Success begins at UOW Malaysia

Starting your educational journey at UOW Malaysia means embarking on a path designed for success from the very beginning. Our commitment to your future begins before you even enter your first university class. The shift from secondary education to tertiary education involves significant changes, including increased academic expectations, a new level of personal responsibility, and the need for effective time management.

At UOW Malaysia, we believe that your success begins with proper preparation. Our pre- tertiary workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and confidence needed to excel in your university studies and beyond. Besides that, one of the key components of our pre- tertiary workshops is mental health awareness. We recognize that maintaining mental well- being is crucial for academic and personal success. The transition to university life can bring about significant changes and challenges, and being prepared to manage your mental health is essential. By prioritizing mental health awareness from the beginning, you can build resilience, develop healthy coping strategies, and ensure that you are mentally prepared for the demands of university life.

To kick off your journey at UOW Malaysia with excitement, we also organize a campus-wide scavenger hunt before your first university class begin. This fun and engaging activity is designed to help you get acquainted with the campus, meet new friends, and start building a sense of community.

By participating in these workshops and activities, you will be taking a proactive step towards a smooth and successful transition into tertiary education.

Your Empowering Solutions at UOW Malaysia

We believe in empowering our students not just with academic knowledge but also with practical skills and qualities that are highly sought after in the industry. From day one at UOW Malaysia, we are committed to equipping you with the graduate attributes that you will develop throughout your university life. In the first few weeks here, we will prepare workshops tailored to these graduate attributes, ensuring that you can put them into practice during your academic journey and beyond, ultimately graduating with all the qualities needed by the industry.

To begin with, let’s delve into the graduate attributes:

Intellectual Competency: Embark on a journey of discovery and growth as we cultivate your ability to make impactful decisions. Through thought-provoking discussions, real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises, we’ll empower you to navigate the complexities of decision- making with clarity and confidence.

Effective Communication Skills: Communication is key in today’s interconnected world. Through this workshop and practical exercises, you’ll learn to express yourself clearly and persuasively, whether in written reports, presentations, or interpersonal interactions.

Creative/Critical Thinking: Innovation drives progress. We’ll encourage you to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and approach problems from fresh perspectives. Our workshop will stimulate your creativity and hone your ability to analyze complex issues critically.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: In an ever-changing economy, entrepreneurial skills are invaluable. Whether you aspire to start your own business or excel in a corporate setting, we’ll provide you with the tools and mindset needed to identify opportunities, take calculated risks, and turn your ideas into reality.

Professionalism (Ethics and Integrity): Professionalism is the bedrock of success. We’ll instill in you a strong sense of ethics and integrity, emphasizing the importance of honesty, respect, and accountability in all your endeavors. Our workshop will prepare you to navigate ethical dilemmas with confidence and grace.

Global Mindset: The world is your oyster. We’ll broaden your horizons and cultivate a global mindset by exposing you to diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences, so that you will be prepared to thrive in an increasingly globalized society.

In addition to these foundational workshops, we offer career enhancement workshops tailored to the specific needs of each school. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in business, engineering, culinary, hospitality, computing, built environment or communication, these workshops will give you a taste of what is expected in the industry and the myriad career options available to you.

By saying YES to UOW Malaysia, you’re saying yes to a holistic educational experience that prepares you not only for your first job but for a lifetime of professional achievement and personal growth. Join us at UOW Malaysia, where Your Educational Success begins and Your Empowering Solutions await.


04 July 2024




UOW Malaysia

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