Why take the Intensive English Program at UOW Malaysia? 

The Intensive English Program is specially designed to prepare students for study and to meet the English entry requirements to diploma, undergraduate and/or postgraduate programs at UOW Malaysia.

Through this program, students will develop skills and strategies:

  • in academic reading and writing
  • in listening and speaking
  • to take an external English examination with confidence

These skills are taught in an enjoyable and activity-centred environment to make learning a pleasure. To further enhance their English language skills and 21st century skills, project-based learning is introduced in this program. Working on projects in teams, learners not only reinforce their communication skills, but also strengthen their problem-solving skills, time-management skills, and research-gathering techniques using technological tools. With these combined skills, learners become autonomous drivers of their future.

At the end of this program, learners would have undergone a thorough grounding in all aspects of grammar and comprehensive training in the core skills which provide them with a solid foundation to facilitate better learning in the future.

The program consists of 4 levels of study: English Level 1, English Level 2, English Level 3, and English Level 4. Students are required to sit for a placement test prior to the commencement of the course to determine their level of proficiency.

  • English Level 1
  • English Level 2
  • English Level 3
  • English Level 4

This program provides pathways to:

  • Selected diploma/undergraduate/postgraduate programs at UOW Malaysia

Please speak to our Education Advisor for further information.


University Award:

Program information

20 Years’ Experience
Experience spells success. We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering quality English lessons to students from all walks of life.


Highly qualified, experienced and specialized teachers
Don’t settle for less; aim for the best. Our teachers are not only highly qualified with a master’s degree, but also experienced in delivering specialized courses such as IELTS preparatory course, oral communication and business English.


Student-centred approach and experiential
Less of us, more of you. We help you to make the learning of English meaningful and relevant for real world communication.


English-speaking community in the university college
Experience genuine English-speaking immersion. At UOW Malaysia, English language is the medium of instruction, as well as campus-wide communication. Out of the classroom, students continue to enhance their language skills through the English Language Society and the Writing Centre.

10 weeks per level (Part A: 5 weeks and Part B: 5 weeks)
Program Location
University of Wollongong Malaysia, Utropolis Glenmarie
  • English Level 1
  • English Level 2
  • English Level 3
  • English Level 4
Intake Dates


January March April June
July August October November
Estimated fees
International students



Students are required to sit for the English Placement Test and based on the results, students will be advised to take the appropriate English level of the Intensive English Program.