Ts Dr Cheng Xiau San

Email: xs.cheng@uow.edu.my

Dr. Cheng Xiau San is the senior lecturer at School of Engineering, UOW Malaysia KDU University College.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Physics from University of Malaya. Before joining academia, she was an Optical Engineer for camera modules company and had developed various optical tests for product characterization from design to the manufacturing stage. She obtained a PhD degree in Engineering from University of Malaya in 2013, research on Photonics devices, optical fiber laser and amplifier.

She is a member of Optical Society of Malaysia and Malaysia Institute of Physics. She serves as a technical program and publication committee member of a few conferences in the area of Photonics. To date, she has published several articles in journals and conferences on her work. Her research interests include ultrafast laser, optical fiber sensing and mid-infrared laser generation.

PhD in Engineering University of Malaya (UM), 2009-2013
Research Title: Wideband Bismuth-Based Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier Validation Framework

Master of Science in Applied Physics University of Malaya (UM), 2004-2006
Research Title: Multi-wavelength Brillouin Erbium Fiber laser for DWDM System

BSc (Hons) Applied Physics University of Malaya (UM), 2001-2004
Research Title: Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry for Non-destructive Testing

Year Title
2020 Journal Publications

A Ahmad, AHA Rosol, MQ Lokman, XS Cheng, MC Paul, A Dhar, S Das, “Multi-wavelength Comb Generated by the Four Wave Mixing Using Highly Nonlinear Hafnium Bismuth Erbium-Doped Fiber”, Journal Fotonik, Vol 1, pp 18-23, 2020.

Aya A Almukhtar, Alabbas A Al-Azzawi, XS Cheng, PH Reddy, A Dhar, MC Paul, H. Ahmad, SW Harun, “Enhanced Triple-pass Hybrid Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier using Distribution Pumping Scheme in a Dual-stage Configuration”, Optik, Volume 204, 164191, 2020.

2019 Journal Publications

Flat-gain and wide-band partial double-pass erbium co-doped fiber amplifier with hybrid gain medium, Optical Fiber Technology, Vol 52, 101952, 2019.

Self‐generating Brillouin fiber laser using highly nonlinear hafnium bismuth erbium‐doped fiber, Microwave and Optical Technology, Microwave and Optical Technology, 61 (6), 1651-1655, 2019.

Refereed Proceedings

MFM Rusdi, XS Cheng, AA Latiff, AHA Rosol, MT Ahmad, MFA Rahman, SW Harun, “Q-switched Thulium-doped fibre laser using Bismuth (III) Telluride-based saturable absorber”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol 1371, 012008, 2019.

AA Almukhtar, AA Al-Azzawi, XS Cheng, MC Paul, H Ahmad, SW Harun, “ The effect of 980 nm and 1480 nm pumping on the performance of newly Hafnium Bismuth Erbium-doped fiber amplifier”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1151 (1), 012013, 2019.

2018 Journal Publications

A.A.Latiff, X.S.Cheng, M.F.M.Rusdi, M.C.Paul, S.W.Harun, and Harith Ahmad “Molybdenum disulfide saturable absorber for eye-safe mode-locked fiber laser generation”, Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials, Vol 27, No.1, 2018.

Aminah Ahmad, Xiau S. Cheng, Mukul C.Paul, Anirban Dhar, Shyamal Das, Harith Ahmad, Sulaiman W. Harun, “Investigation of Brillouin effect in highly nonlinear hafnium bismuth erbium doped fiber”, Microwave and optical Technology Letters, vol 61, 173-177, 2018.



Title: Optical properties study of fluoride glass-based fiber operating in 2-4-micron region for MIR laser spectroscopy and medical laser application
Duration: 2021 – 2023
Sponsor/Grant: FRGS grant scheme of Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (RM95,800)



Title: Optical Modulator Based on Tapered Fiber coated with 2D Material
Duration: 2020 – 2022
Sponsor/Grant: UOW Malaysia KDU Research Grant (RM42,400)



Title: Ultra short mode-locked pulse fiber laser
Duration: 2018 – 2020
Sponsor/Grant: UOW Malaysia KDU Research Grant (RM20,672)


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Journal Photonic
Journal Optoelectronics



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Appointments as Key Note Speaker
2nd Photonics Meeting 2019
University Technology MARA Terengganu