Dr Low Chee Soon

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Dr Low Chee Soon is a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Engineering at UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College. He obtained his PhD in mathematics education from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2016. His study primarily explored A-Level students’ flexibility and adaptivity via continual exposure to multiple-solution tasks and strategies. An accomplished academic lecturer, having previously received the Malaysian National prize for lecturing excellence, Dr Low’s research currently focusses on the effective teaching of Mathematics. Students’ failures in mathematical attempts have been largely attributed to conceptual and procedural knowledge. Relatively little academic focus has been directed towards understanding the possible effects of students’ perceptual flexibility in establishing connections with learned concepts and procedures. It is arguable from the perceptual perspectives of Gestalt psychology that students’ perceptions of mathematical elements may determine their connections with some concepts, but not others, thus their choice of solution.

This line of research may shed light on the importance of understanding not only the students’ conceptual and procedural knowledge but their perceptual flexibility, namely the ability to reconfigure their perceptual fields. Serving students with a ‘sumptuous buffet of mathematical strategies’ in the backdrop of mathematical and perceptual flexibility, as an approach to mathematics learning, can be highly motivating to learners. It is believed that promoting solution flexibility provides a rich source of motivation.

PhD Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2011-2016
Research Title: Exploring A-Level Students’ Mathematical Flexibility and Adaptivity through Continual Exposure to Multiple-Solution Tasks and Strategies

Master of Science (Mathematical Modeling) Universiti Sains Malaysia, 1992-1995
Research Title: Modeling of Flood Mitigation in Pulau Pinang Catchments

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics 1st Class Honors) Universiti Sains Malaysia, 1988-1992

Year Title
2019 Low, C. S., Yap, O. J., & Lim, C. S. (2019). Interactive PowerPoint for Self-directed Learning of Mathematics: A Case Study. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Technology (ICSHT), Penang, Malaysia, 26 January 2019.

Low, C. S., & Chew, C. M. (2019). Strategy Flexibility in Mathematics Education. In C. S. Lim, C. M. Chew & B. Sriraman (Eds.), Mathematics Education from an Asian Perspective (Contemporary Research and Practice Series) (pp. 85-105). Penang, Malaysia: USM Press.

Low, C. S. (2019). A Sumptuous Buffet of Mathematical Strategies. Mathematics Teacher, 112(7). Reston, VA: NCTM.

Low, C. S., Yap, O. J., & Lim, C. S. (2019). A Case Study of Learning Mathematics via Self-directed Interactive PowerPoint. International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counseling, 4(26), 77-92.

2018 Low, C. S., Chew, C. M., & Yap, O. J. (2018). Learning Mathematical Flexibility in a Constructivist 5E Model. International Journal of Language, Literature, Culture and Education, 3. http://icsai.org/ijllce/archive.

National Outstanding Educator Award 2015
(Pre-University Education – College Category)

Best Lecturer Award 2014
(UOW Malaysia KDU Penang College Level)