Dr Ooi Chin Lye

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I am a Senior Lecturer in UOW Malaysia KDU University College since March 2016. Prior to joining UOW Malaysia, I was working in the automotive industry, 10 years as General Manager, Edaran Tan Chong Motor (Nissan Franchise distributor) and 28 years as Regional Manager, UMW Toyota Motor (Toyota Franchise distributor). The 38 years experiences had given me great insight in the area of Marketing, Logistic, National Operations, Sales & Aftersales Operations. With these experiences, I have the edge and capability of infusing industry-based skills and knowledge into education. Students gained the practical know-how to match theories and concept learned in the classes.

I obtained the PhD qualification (Doctor of Management) from UUM (Universiti Utara Malaysia) in 2015. I graduated from University of South Australia with Master of Business Administration (1999).

The subjects that I have been assigned during the last 5 years were: Marketing (8 subjects), Management (3 subjects), ERM (3 subjects), Logistics (2 subjects) & HRM.

Being the appointed trainer in the industry for many years, specializing in leadership, management, professional selling, PMS, QCC, 5S, Feeling Programs (CRM), I was able to support the university in conducting workshop for students. In addition, with my contacts in the real-world, I have initiated and invited Guest Speakers for ERM (Director of Deloitte, Sydney, Australia & Manager of Standard Chartered Bank); Marketing Research (Operation Director of Software AG); Services Marketing (Regional Manager, Tan Chong Motor); Operations Management (Senior GM, Tan Chong Motor); HRM (Senior GM HR, Toyota Motor); Brand Management (PR Manager, Edelman).

PhD (Doctor of Management) Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), 2015

Master of Business Administration University of South Australia, 1999

January 2018 – December 2019
Yong Shee Mun & Ooi Chin Lye – Entrepreneurial experiential learning program of UOW Malaysia KDU University College students (UOW Malaysia KDU University College)
Amount: RM 25,000
Role: Principal Investigator

2 students (2nd Supervisor)

2 students

Bachelor’s Degree
4-5 students per year