Dr Yong Shee Mun

Email: sm.yong@kdu.edu.my

Dr. Yong has a great passion for the academic profession simply because he believes that he could contribute more to humanity through sharing of research knowledge, industry experience and finding joy in the success of his students and institution.

Since joining the academic line five years ago as a lecturer, he has grown in strength to becoming a senior lecturer and played a leading role in Entrepreneurship development for School of Business establishing an entrepreneurship eco-system that encompasses students, industry linkages and academic members in the institution. He has also contributed towards securing an outsourced contract for online delivery of the Entrepreneurship course offered by a local medical institution.

From the research standpoint, Dr. Yong has written and published several papers in collaboration with researchers both internally within UOWMKDU and externally with other private and public universities. He was also the receiver of a RM25,000 grant from UOWMKDU as principal investigator for an action learning project.

Prior to joining the education industry, he has had 30 years of industry experience as VP and Malaysia Country Technology Head of one of the world’s largest financial institutions, VP and Head of IT and Billing for a national ICT company, Global Customer Technical Support Head for a world renown Petrochemical and Energy company with organization spanning across Malaysia, UK and USA, and Global Account Business Manager for one of the leading IT companies in the world.

Dr. Yong is an accredited angel investor with Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) since 2013 which is a governing body for angel investors and angel clubs in Malaysia.

Year Title
2019 Refereed Articles

Yong, S.M. & Renganathan, T.S. (2019). Malaysian Millennial Buying Behavior and Country-of-origin effect, Malaysian Journal of Consumer, 32 (1), 55-67. Published in Scopus/ Elsevier MACFEA (Jilid 32 – Jun 2019)

Refereed Proceedings

Yong, S.M (2019). Effectiveness of typology and learning environment in building entrepreneurial competencies: A comparative study. In: Sintok international conference on social science and management (SICONSEM 2019)

2015 Refereed Proceedings

Yong, S.M. and Thi, L.S. (2015). Work time demand and job satisfaction of geographically dispersed team – the mediating role of organizational support. In: Advances in Global Business Research, 12(1), 736-751. ISSN: 1549-9332. Article available at: https://www.agba.us/pdf/2015-AGBA-Malaysia-Conference-Proceedings.pdf

Yong, S. M. and Thi, L.S. (2015) Temporal dispersion separation and schedule flexibility impact on job satisfaction for Malaysian virtual teams. In: International Conference on E-Commerce (ICoEC) 2015, 20-22 Oktober 2015, Kuching, Sarawak, MALAYSIA. Article available at: http://icoec.my/download/icoec_2015/13_ICoEC2015_Yong%20Shee%20Mun.pdf

2013 Refereed Articles

Yong, S.M. et al. (2013). Employee Engagement: A study from the private sector. Human Resource Management Research, 3(1), 43-48. Article available at: http://article.sapub.org/10.5923.j.hrmr.20130301.09.html

January 2018 – December 2019
Entrepreneurial experiential learning program of UOW Malaysia KDU University College students

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