Ir. Ts. Zainon Sharmila Shamsuddin

Email: [email protected]

Ir. Ts. Zainon Sharmila Shamsuddin serves as a Lecturer and takes on the role of Programme Leader in the field of Mechanical Engineering at UOW Malaysia KDU University College from 2016 to 2022. She is a registered Professional Engineer specializing in Mechanical discipline, with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), with over 10 years of experience in academic institutions teaching undergraduate students.

She is also a registered Professional in Technologies, with a specialization in mechanical and manufacturing, recognized by the Malaysian Board of Technologies (MBOT). Prior to her academic tenure, Ir. Ts. Zainon held the position of Senior Engineer at Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Malaysia Sdn Bhd., with more than 13 years of experience in manufacturing as well as operations management.

Contributing to the engineering community, Ir. Ts. Zainon is an esteemed committee member of the Engineering Education Technical Division (E2TD) within the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), a role she has undertaken for five terms.

Her current research interest includes Hybrid Composite Materials, Failure analysis in Structural Design and Mechanical components.

She was invited as judge at few engineering competitions involve industry and other universities and also was invited as one of the speakers for the “Work-Life Balance: Managing Careers And Personal Lives In Engineering” Forum in Taylors University in 2023.

Master of Engineering Management (University of Technology Mara), 2011
Research Title: Using Lean Management to accelerate New Product Development (NPD) process by eliminating nonvalue added activities in feasibility study phase.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (University of Technology Malaysia), 1998

Year Title
2023 Sivajothi Paramasivam; Nor Hayati Saad; Fu Pang Han; Goh Thing Thing; Zainon Sharmila; Tharuma Nathan Hari Krishnan (2023).  Applying the PDCA continuous improvement cycle on STEM education among secondary students: An experimental study.  AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 2571, Issue 1 22 June 2023.
2021 Rajendran Royan, Nishata R., Jie S. Leong, Wai N. Chan, Jie R. Tan, and Zainon S.B. Shamsuddin (2021). Current State and Challenges of Natural Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites as Feeder in FDM-Based 3D Printing. Polymers 2021, 13(14), 2289.

Gautheman Kurup, Zainon Sharmila Binti Shamsuddin & Nishata Royan Rajendran Royan. (2021). Fabrication of Reinforced Oil Palm Trunk Fibers with Rubber and Plastic Resin using Industrial Manufacturing Techniques for Prosthetic Applications. International Journal of Engineering Science Invention (IJESI). Volume 10 Issue 4 Series I, April 2021.PP 34-43.

2019 Nur Hasalli Hj Ibrahim, Mohamad Dzulhelmy bin Amari, Zainon Sharmila Shamsuddin (2019)

Study of subsonic Aerofoil based on the assessment of lift to drag force ratio. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 8 (1.1) (2019) 53-58 – Mechanical Engineering Science Technology.

2018 Mat Hassan, Nik Normunira, Shamsuddin, Zainon Sharmila, Mohd Rus, Anika Zafiah and Sulong, Nurulsaidatulsyida (2018) Investigation of Renewable Polymer Composite from Waste Oil Endurance to UV Irradiation Exposure by using FTIR and UV-Vis. Journal of Mechanical Engineering (JMechE), SI 5 (5). pp. 53-61.




Duration: 24 Months
Title:  Development of Natural Fibre Composite as a Feeder for Additive Manufacturing Applications
Sponsors/Grant: Internal Grant

  1. Invited panelist for the “Work-Life Balance: Managing Careers and Personal Lives in Engineering” Forum in Taylors University in 2023.
  2. Academic Judge – 17th EURECA International Engineering and Computing Research Conference, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus – 29th June 2022.
  3. Committee – Community Engagement Project by School of Engineering – STEM Exhibition and Activities@ Kinderland USJ, Subang Jaya – (March 2019)
  4. Core value judges for First League Lego Robot Competition – Mission Moon themed in collaboration with Ministry of Education and IET Malaysia (June 2019).
  5. Member – Community Project by School of Engineering – Community Service @ Grace Community Kuala Lumpur (Aug 2018)
  6. Core value judges for First League Lego Robot Competition- AQUA Adventure themed in collaboration with Ministry of Education and IET Malaysia- (Nov 2018)
  7. Panel of Judge for First League Lego Robot Competition – Animal allies themed in collaboration with Ministry of Education and IET Malaysia- (July 2017).

Bachelor’s Degree Final Year Projects (FYP)


Yaajnath Visvanathan S (2024) Design and analysis of a Composite Drive Shaft using Finite Element Analysis for automotive application.

Ahmed Naser Abdelraouf Mohamed (2023) Mechanical evaluation of different loading fractions of Nata de Coco nano cellulose reinforced with polymer composite.

Haikal Voo Bin Hadi Voo (2022) Investigation of Mechanical Properties on wood flour/glass fibre reinforced epoxy composite.

Rishendra Rarochanan Suresh Khanna (2022) Impact of varying strain rate on bending properties of laminated carbon fibre reinforced epoxy composite.

Tai Man Wei (2022) Analysing buckling failure in unidirectional and cross ply composite under compression load.

Nurul Fazira Binti Abd Rahman (2022) Investigation on buckling prediction for unidirectional composite laminates using Rayleigh–Ritz method.

Amr Alsoufi (2022) “Development of a novel hybrid sunflower stalk fibre and rice husk reinforced polymer composite.”

Tee Chee Yee (2022) “Investigation of different loading composition of hybrid sunflower stalk fibre and ricehusk reinforced polymer composite on the mechanical properties.”

Lim Chee Hong (2022) “Investigation of Coir fiber reinforced polypropylene composite panel for automotive interior applications.”

Sam Chee Yuan (2021) “Investigation of Different Loading Fraction of Wood Flour on Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Polymer Composite.”

Lee Chong Kai (2021) “Evaluation of Mechanical Properties for Different Honeycomb Structures Sandwich Between Hybrid Natural Fibre Composite for Automotive Application.”

Pang Kah Wai (2021) “Mechanical properties and optimization of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB) with polymer for food packaging application.”

Lim Jiann Shin (2021) “Evaluation of polymer reinforced with pineapple leaf fibers for food packaging application.”

Lim Yi Qin (2020) “Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Coated Steel for Solar Frame.”

Muhammad Hakim Bin Darul Aswadi (2020) “Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Natural Fibres Reinforced Polymer Composite for Automotive Interior Application.”

Chim Cheing Tong (2019) “Green Conceptual Framework in Recycling Elvs To Optimize Energy Efficiency for Automotive Industry in Malaysia.”

Gautheman Kurup A/L Ravi (2019) “Development of Nano-Structured cellulose material for Prosthetic Application.”

Gan Zi Xiang (2018) “Structural Mathematical Modelling of Composite Sandwich Core for Interior Automotive Parts.”

Chow Chan Khye (2017) “Optimization of a Subsonic Aero foil to Increase the Performance of Lift force using CFD Modelling.”

  1. Education Technical Division, IEM (Committee Member) – Session 2023/2024
  2. Education Technical Division, IEM (Committee Member) – Session 2022/2023
  3. Education Technical Division, IEM (Committee Member) – Session 2021/2022
  4. Education Technical Division, IEM (Committee Member) – Session 2020/2021
  5. Education Technical Division, IEM (Co Opted Member) – Session 2019/2020