Through our close relationship with our industry and university partners, we are able to brief graduating students and provide them with information on what to expect in their future career life.
Interested employers are encouraged to register with us for posting of internship, as well as full-time and part-time vacancies on our website, and join us for upcoming career events.

Internship is a core component of an undergraduate’s education at UOW Malaysia, combining on and off campus experience. It is a career-related, professionally-supervised work term which allows students to experience firsthand, the implementation of processes, adherence to industry standards, the practice of professional ethic and understanding the company’s ethos.

The main objective is to connect students and alumni to internships/job placements in their relevant industries. This hub will further drive the concept of ‘From Education to Employment’.

Through the Global Career Development, students and alumni will be able to find information on:

  • Internship Placements
  • Job Placements

The Global Career Development also offers:

  • Career counselling and advice
  • Job-matching services
  • Internship Briefing
  • Career Enhancement Series / Workshops (CV / Resume Writing, Attending Interviews, Personal Grooming etc.)


Alternatively, if you want to know what career best fits your personality, you can consider taking our UOW Malaysia Online Career Test. It will provide you with an understanding of your personality as well as the professions that you would be best suited to.

Register Internship with Relevant School
Attend Internship Briefing & Career Enhancement Series
Prepare & Submit Resume
Search & Apply for Internship
Submit Internship Agreement Form
Get approval by School Internship Coordinator
Begin Internship
Employer to Submit Internship Evaluation Form