A bridge between counsellors and students.

“Together we stand, divided we fall”. The phrase best describes the rationale behind the conception of UniBuddy, a band of students functioning as mediators between counsellors and students. A hybrid of peer guides and auxiliary counsellor-like role—a proxy, they were initially conceptualized to help the counsellors organize events related to mental health and self-development, but later upgraded to be more active in building rapport with the students, as well as cultivating flourished mental health and stress, depression, and anxiety reduction activities to help students in their everyday life.

Their objectives are building mental health safety net, providing support emotionally, constructing relationship with fellow students, connecting students to desired services such as counselling by counsellors, and experiential sharing. They are equipped with the knowledge of helping skills, a set of skills tailored to specifically aid distressful thoughts in a hostile and adverse environment, trained by the counsellors. Common traits they share range from having passion to help others, good listening skill, empathy, non-judgmental, good teamwork, and are willing to learn new things. Apart from being the mediators, the UniBuddy members will also take active role in organizing, creating, and helping events or activities aimed towards mental health to ensure the well-being of students’ mental health is kept in check. That being said, they are the substitute for counsellors in the event of outreaching the student where the counsellor could not.

In this century, where mental health appears to be integral topic to be discussed in everyday life, it is imperative that UniBuddy plays a role not only in spreading awareness through their members, thus allowing opportunity for the clique to build a safety connection and share their experiences, but they are also able to collaborate with counsellors in combating psychological distresses among the students and enhanced their knowledge about helping skills to make it a valuable traits in the future.

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