Campus Breakout Feb 2023

Malay Cultural Society’s Booth.

Dance performance by PARTs Dance Division.

The crowd at UOW Malaysia, Campus Breakout.

International Unity Club introducing their club to the students.

By UOW Malaysia KDU

On the 22nd of February 2023, UOW Malaysia had a Campus Breakout organised by the Students and Alumni Centre. The event was held at the Atrium, UOW Malaysia, Glenmarie Campus. Campus Breakout is a Clubs and Societies recruitment drive to encourage an active campus life and bring new students involved in campus activities and events. February’s campus breakout had many more students than usual, as all classes are held physically during the current semester, and more students are on campus.

The event began at approximately 10.00 am with a welcoming speech by the emcee, Jovee Yap, followed by an opening performance by PARTs Dance Division. After the performance, the event continued with pitching sessions by the Clubs and Societies, starting with Student Council. All the Clubs and Societies sent their representatives to introduce their respective clubs or societies.

After a pitching session by All Star Sports Club, the event continued with a performance by PARTs Cheerleading Division and Dance Division. The audience enjoyed and had fun watching the performance.

After the performance, the event continued with pitching sessions by the Cultural Clubs and Interest Clubs. The PARTs Singing Division performed another performance. All the students enjoyed his singing and applauded him.

A lot of activities were organised by the Clubs and Societies at their respective booths. Such as Congkak and Sampin wearing by the Malay Cultural Society, video games by the Games Anime Youth Association Club, and many more activities.

To conclude, all the students had fun and enjoyed the event. The event ended with a closing speech by the emcee, and all the Clubs and Societies helped clean up after the event.


09 March 2023




UOW Malaysia KDU

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