International Day of Happiness by Student and Alumni Centre

Group of students singing a song organised by UniBuddy

Students checking out the vendors

Affirmation notes written by students on Happiness Board

Happy students queuing to buy food from the vendors

By UOW Malaysia KDU

On the 20th of March, UOW Malaysia’s Student and Alumni Centre organised an International Happiness Day event. Over fifteen vendors from Klang Valley were invited to sell various food, beverage, fashion, and accessories. UniBuddy also provided four fun activities for students to play and have fun with, such as ‘Let’s Sing A Song,’ ‘Let’s Fly the Kite with Us!’, ‘Let’s Play!’ and ‘Leave Your Message.’ The event began at approximately 10.00 am after all the vendors had done setting up their booths.

The purpose of this event is to celebrate happiness worldwide, inspiring people to spread positivity, whether big or small and create awareness around it. Other than that, it is meant for everyone involved to take a step back and spread happiness.

Since classes were resuming entirely physically, the event attracted a crowd of students, staff, and lecturers who excitedly checked out the vendors at the respective booths. More people started coming to check out the event during lunch hour as the event was open to the public. Many students were spotted playing activities such as the kites and writing their affirmation notes on the Happiness Board organised by UniBuddy. Students were seen singing a song by themselves and joined by another group of students a little later. The vendors also enjoyed the moment as the music kept the lively atmosphere going.

The event ended at 4.00 pm, and the vendors packed their stuff to leave. They managed to sell out quickly due to the number of the crowd that showed up at this event. Overall, it was a successful event; the students had fun and were left with happy memories.


24 March 2023




UOW Malaysia KDU

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