The New Year Fest by Chinese Cultural Society

CCS and SAC group photo.

Students watching the lion dance performance.

Group photos of Chinese Cultural Society.

“Hanfu” dancing performance.

By UOW Malaysia KDU

The New Year Fest is an event organised by the Chinese Cultural Society to celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival and to demonstrate to UOW Malaysia’s international students how the Chinese celebrate the Chinese New Year in Malaysia.

First and foremost, twenty vendors from the districts of Subang Jaya and Shah Alam have been invited to sell Chinese New Year-related foods and beverages, such as Dimsum, at this event. Initially, our target number of vendors was only 15, but fortunately, this event is attractive enough to attract more vendors, allowing us to generate more revenue. In addition, we assigned one sales assistant to each vendor to assist them in bringing in more customers so that all vendors could make a profit. According to their post-event feedback, all vendors could generate a profit.

Second, we have collaborated with the PARTs Singing Division to include singing performances at our event. Asides from that, our event committees presented some unique performances, including Diabolo, “Hanfu” dancing, and Chinese choir. Participants and vendors have given us a great deal of positive feedback, stating that the performances that we have prepared are charming and that they hope to learn Diabolo and “Hanfu” dancing. This demonstrates our success in delivering more Chinese cultures and traditions.

Last but not least, the budget for this event is effectively managed as the total expenditures have remained within our initial estimates, and we have successfully generated a total income of RM600, demonstrating that this event has successfully raised funds for future club activities.


07 March 2023




UOW Malaysia KDU

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