Associate Professor Dr Sothees Somasundram

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Sothees has extensive experience in academic management and leadership, which includes her current role as the Head of School for School of Business, University of Wollongong. Her previous role as Head of Postgraduate Department for the School of Management & Marketing at Taylor’s University. Prior to that, she was the Dean of the Business School at INTI International College Subang.

Some of her key achievements include:

  • Contributed to the remarkable increase in postgraduate enrollment at Taylor’s University, shifting from double to triple-digit figures between 2020 and 2023.
  • Led the team at School of Management & Marketing, Taylor’s University in the development of new programs, resulting in the successful launch of the Master of Business Administration (Open Distance Learning) and Doctorate in Business Administration.
  • Doubled the student enrolment numbers to 2000+ as the Dean of the Business School at INTI International College Subang.
  • Co leader in the design of a strategic Graduate Talent Program which propelled the Business School at INTI International College Subang to achieve the graduate employability rates of 96% within 2 years from a low of 70%.
  • Led the Business School at INTI International College Subang to become the leading school in the execution of real projects from industry and various strategic immersion programmes with over 30 Employers.
  • Led the team at the Business School at INTI International College Subang in the design work of several new curriculum initiatives including new programs that contributed towards the growth of student enrolment numbers.

Sothees also actively participates in research and scholarly activities. Alongside presenting papers at both national and international conferences, she has made valuable contributions by publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals. Notably, she has secured research grants exceeding half a million ringgit to support her investigations in areas such as quality of life, heritage studies, environmental issues, urbanization, and flood mitigation.

PhD in Economics (University Putra Malaysia), 2018

Master in Economics (University of Malaya, Malaysia), 1996

Bachelor in Economics (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), 1994

Year Title
2023 Somasundram, S., & Ramayah, M. (2023). The Role of Place Attachment in Empowering Residents in Conservation of Heritage Site: A case study in Lenggong Valley, Malaysia. Social Space, 23(2), 116-142. (SJR, IF:0.15)

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Appeared in Other Media

Somasundram, S. (2023). ‘Hustle Culture, SMEs and Gen Z’, Interviewed by Richard Bradbury and Roshan Kanesan, Enterprise Biz Bytes, BFM, 89.9, The Business Station

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Appeared in Other Media

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Appeared in Other Media

Somasundram, S. (2018). ‘Social Hostility toward Religion: Politicization of Religion? An expression of nationalism? A combination of both?’ Retrieved November 16, 2020, from politicization-of-religion-an-expression-of-nationalism-a-combination-of-both/

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Duration: 2020 – 2023
Title:  A fundamental study on the environmental impacts of the agricultural, industrial and financial sectors in Malaysia, Co-researcher
Sponsors/Grant: FRGS – National Grant

Duration: 2020 – 2023
Title:  A fundamental study on the environmental impacts of the agricultural, industrial and financial sectors in Malaysia, Project Leader
Sponsors/Grant: FRGS – National Grant

Duration: 2018 – 2019
Title: Investigating the antecedents of happiness among university students in Malaysia: A structural equation modeling approach, Co-researcher
Sponsors/Grant: Taylor’s University Grant

Duration: 2018 – 2019
Title: The macroeconomic determinants of environmental degradation: A dynamic panel estimation study of the environmental Kuznet’s curve for carbon emissions, Co- researcher
Sponsors/Grant: Taylor’s University Grant

Duration: 2017 – 2021
Title: The antecedents of retirement preparedness: Are Malaysians personally and financially prepared for their Golden Years, Co-researcher
Sponsors/Grant: Taylor’s University Grant

Duration: 2017 – 2020
Title: The Economics of Liveable and Sustainable Cities in the Greater Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, Project Leader
Sponsors/Grant: Taylor’s University Grant


Project Leader

2022 to 2024 (Consultancy Project, Government)
Study on Integrated River Basin Management Plan for Sungai Mercung and Sungai Bebar Basin, Pahang.

2020 (Consultancy Project, Government)
Detailed design of Perak integrated river basin phase 1 – Lenggong flood mitigation plan phase 1, Hulu district.

PhD Supervision (Completed)

Personal and Regional Antecedents of Life Satisfaction and its Impact on Ecological Behaviour Among Youth in Greater Kuala Lumpur, Rabi’ah Abd Rahman (Co-Supervisor)

Antecedents of Place Features on City Attachment Among Malaysians Residing in Klang Valley: The Mediating Role ff Quality of Neighbourhood and Overall Satisfaction with City, Malarvilly Ramayah (Main Supervisor)


Expert Opinion

Dr. Sothees was invited to share her views on a Pew Research Center podcast titled – “A Global Study on Government Restrictions and Social Hostilities Related to Religion” focusing on the global influence of governments and societies on religious beliefs and practices. This invitation, was extended by The Religious Studies Project. As a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organization (SCIO), The Religious Studies Project is renowned for its commitment to producing accessible and engaging resources that facilitate the contemporary study of religion. Dr. Sothees provided her expert opinion on the delicate balance between religious freedom and governmental policies worldwide.


Impactful Research

Dr. Sothees published a research paper that ranked the challenges faced by urban communities in Malaysia. The findings of this paper caught the attention of Astro Awani, which featured her research in a segment. The broadcast highlighted some of the critical issues identified in her study, including rising crime rates, persistent increases in living costs, and scarce job opportunities among other pressing urban challenges. This exposure underscores the relevance and impact of Dr. Sothees’ work on understanding and addressing urban issues in Malaysia.