Nursakirah Ab Rahman Muton


Nursakirah ARM is a computing lecturer at UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College. She completed her Masters Degree in Computer Science in 2014 with Information Systems Major. Because of her deep interest in cross-cultural management and switching behaviours of people from different cultures, she currently pursuing her doctorate in International Studies. She is actively engaged in cross-cultural research and collaborated with her supervisor to publish articles related to her specialisation; cross-cultural code switching, global virtual teams and information systems on digital platforms. She also has a deep interest on employing qualitative research because such methodology allows her to explore and provide a detailed understanding of her research.

PhD in International Business  Universiti Utara Malaysia, 2015-2022
Research Title: Understanding the process of cross-cultural code switching of global virtual teams in knowledge sharing

MSc in Computer Science (Information Systems) Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2009-2014
Research Title: E-mentoring: System Development using ARCS Motivational Model to Address Motivational Challenges among Orphan Children

BSc in Computer Science (Information Engineering) Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2005-2008

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Scopus Journal Publications

(In publication) Muton, N. A. R., Talib, A.-N. A., Zakaria, N., & Yusof, S. A. M. (2021). Should I Accommodate You? Cross-Cultural Code-Switching Behaviours of Global Virtual Team Members during Swift Trust Formation. International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations.

(Under Review) Muton, N. A. R., Zakaria, N., & Abdul-Talib, A.-N. (2021). Exploring Impacts of Culture on Switching Behaviours within Global Virtual Teams during Knowledge Sharing Process. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research.

Conference Proceedings

(In Publication in proceedings) PeiYing, A; Anantha Jothi, J., & Muton N.A.R. (2021). WeRoute: Route Optimization Web-Based System and Driver Mobile Application. Paper accepted for the The 5th International Conference on ICT in Education 2021 (ICTE 2021) on the 11 – 12 November 2021


Book Chapter

Zakaria, N., Yusof, S. A. M., & Muton, N. A. R. (2020). It is certainly a different manner!: Working in global virtual teams with divergent intercultural communication styles. In Cultural factors and performance in 21st century businesses (pp. 68–89). IGI Global.


Conference Proceedings

Yusof, S. A. M., Zakaria, N., & Muton, N. A. R. (2017). Timely trust: The use of IoT and cultural effects on swift trust formation within global virtual teams. In 8th International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT) (pp. 297–303). IEEE.


Non-Indexed Journal

Muton, N. A. R., & Zakaria, N. (2016). It’s Not That Simple! Intercultural Communication Adaptive Behaviors of High-Context Global Virtual Team Members. The International Journal Information, 19(7), 3143–3148.

Conference Proceedings

Zakaria, N., Yusof, S. A. M., Yama, H., & Muton, N. A. R. (2016). Why the Different Tone? Contravening Patterns of Intercultural Communication Styles in Global Virtual Teams. In 10th Asia-Pacific Business and Humanities Conference.


Non-Indexed Journal

Norhayati, Z., Yusof, S. A. M., & Muton, N. A. R. (2015). Virtually, you are there! exploring the teamwork challenges to swift trust formation when working in global virtual team. Advanced Science Letters, 21(5), 1206–1210.


Non-Indexed Journal

Muton, N. A. R., Damanhoori, F., Zakaria, N., & Mustaffa, N. (2012). E-mentoring system development using ARCS motivational strategies. International Journal of Smart Home, 6(3), 83–90.

Conference Proceedings

Muton, N. A. R., Zakaria, N., & Damanhoori, F. (2010). A conceptual framework of an e-mentoring system for orphan children using ARCS motivational model. In International Symposium on Information Technology (pp. 1280–1285). IEEE.

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2021 Appointed as Panel Judge
Project Innovation & exploration in CS Education and Learning 2021 (PIXEL 2021), School of Computer Science, USM, Penang