There are various student clubs/societies, which provide students with social, cultural and education activities, as well as competitive sports, recreational programmes and leisure-time activities.
New members are always welcome!

List of clubs and societies

Engineering Society Glenmarie, Selangor
Grapevine Glenmarie, Selangor
Student Entrepreneurship and Teamwork Club Glenmarie, Selangor
Dice Collective Glenmarie, Selangor
Art Farm George Town, Penang Campus
Computer Club George Town, Penang Campus
CPUS Club George Town, Penang Campus
CSI Nursing Club George Town, Penang Campus
Engineering Society George Town, Penang Campus
SHTCA Club George Town, Penang Campus
Chinese Cultural Society Glenmarie, Selangor
Christian Fellowship Glenmarie, Selangor
Indian Cultural Society Glenmarie, Selangor
Malay Cultural Society Glenmarie, Selangor
Youth of Deen Glenmarie, Selangor
Christian Fellowship (Wham) George Town, Penang Campus
Performing Arts Club Glenmarie, Selangor
Leo Club Glenmarie, Selangor
UOW Malaysia KDU Debate Association Glenmarie, Selangor
Game Anime Youth Association Glenmarie, Selangor
Expressive Design Art Glenmarie, Selangor
All Star Sports Club Glenmarie, Selangor
Robotiq Society George Town, Penang Campus
STARS Club George Town, Penang Campus
Green Club George Town, Penang Campus

Activities calendar and information

For more information, please contact


Sharifah Azura binti Tuan Muda
Assistant Manager – Student & Alumni Centre
Tel : +603 5565 0457
Email :
Wilson Chee Chan Weng
Senior Executive – Student & Alumni Centre
Tel : +603 5565 0459
Email :




SSD-C&S-01 New Club Society Registration Form
SSD-C&S-02 Club Membership Signup Sheet
SSD-C&S-03 Constitution
SSD-C&S-04 Club & Society Pro-Tem Committee & Committee Member List
SSD-C&S-05 Attendance Record
SSD-C&S-06 Proposed Yearly Events
SSD-C&S-07 Proposed Yearly Budget
SSD-C&S-08 Financial Report
SSD-C&S-09 Club & Society Money Deposit Withdrawal Form
SSD-C&S-10 Club & Society Event or Activity Subsidy Application Form
SSD-C&S-11 Club & Society Meeting Minutes
SSD-C&S-12 Club & Society Renewal Form
SSD-C&S-13 Activity Application Form
SSD-C&S-14 Acitivity Proposal
SSD-C&S-15 Disclaimer of Liability
SSD-C&S-16 Consent Form
SSD-C&S-17 Venue or Equipment Requisition Form
SSD-C&S-18 Walkie-Talkie Loan Agreement
SSD-C&S-19 Activity Progress Report
SSD-C&S-20 Budget vs Actual Report
SSD-C&S-21 Requisition of Non-Academic Certificate Form
SSD-C&S-22 Audit Report





Preparation of Club Renewal Documents
AGM Minutes SSD-C&S-11
Club or Society Renewal Form SSD-C&S-12
Constitution SSD-C&S-03
Club/Society Committee Member List         SSD-C&S-04
Proposed Yearly Events SSD-C&S-06
Proposed Yearly Budget SSD-C&S-07


* For returning clubs, all documents must be submitted to SSD for audit before 30 December every year.


Preparation of Audit Documents
Monthly Meeting Minutes (July – Dec 2019)      SSD-C&S-11
Financial Report (July – Dec 2019) SSD-C&S-08


* Audit documents needed to be submitted for audit together with the renewal documents to SSD.


Invitation of Event Sponsor

Approval Form



For more information, please contact


Anna Lim
Manager – Career and Placement Centre
Tel: +604 238 6254
Joey Phuah
Manager – Student Service Department
Tel: +604 238 6230