List of clubs and societies

Engineering Society [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Grapevine [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Student Entrepreneurship and Teamwork Club [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Dice Collective [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Art Farm [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
Computer Club [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
CPUS Club [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
CSI Nursing Club [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
Engineering Society [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
SHTCA Club [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
Chinese Cultural Society [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Christian Fellowship [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Indian Cultural Society [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Malay Cultural Society [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Youth of Deen [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Christian Fellowship (Wham) [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
Performing Arts Club [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Leo Club [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Debate Association [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Game Anime Youth Association [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Expressive Design Art [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
All Star Sports Club [email protected] Glenmarie, Selangor
Robotiq Society [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
STARS Club [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus
Green Club [email protected] George Town, Penang Campus

Activities calendar and information

For more information please contact:


Foo Huey Shin
Assistant Manager – Student & Alumni Centre
Tel : +603 5565 0698
Email : [email protected]


SSD-C&S-01 New Club Society Registration Form
SSD-C&S-02 Club Membership Signup Sheet
SSD-C&S-03 Constitution
SSD-C&S-04 Club & Society Pro-Tem Committee & Committee Member List
SSD-C&S-05 Attendance Record
SSD-C&S-06 Proposed Yearly Events
SSD-C&S-07 Proposed Yearly Budget
SSD-C&S-08 Financial Report
SSD-C&S-09 Club & Society Money Deposit Withdrawal Form
SSD-C&S-10 Club & Society Event or Activity Subsidy Application Form
SSD-C&S-11 Club & Society Meeting Minutes
SSD-C&S-12 Club & Society Renewal Form
SSD-C&S-13 Activity Application Form
SSD-C&S-14 Acitivity Proposal
SSD-C&S-15 Disclaimer of Liability
SSD-C&S-16 Consent Form
SSD-C&S-17 Venue or Equipment Requisition Form
SSD-C&S-18 Walkie-Talkie Loan Agreement
SSD-C&S-19 Activity Progress Report
SSD-C&S-20 Budget vs Actual Report
SSD-C&S-21 Requisition of Non-Academic Certificate Form
SSD-C&S-22 Audit Report





Preparation of Club Renewal Documents
AGM Minutes SSD-C&S-11
Club or Society Renewal Form SSD-C&S-12
Constitution SSD-C&S-03
Club/Society Committee Member List         SSD-C&S-04
Proposed Yearly Events SSD-C&S-06
Proposed Yearly Budget SSD-C&S-07


* For returning clubs, all documents must be submitted to SSD for audit before 30 December every year.


Preparation of Audit Documents
Monthly Meeting Minutes (July – Dec)      SSD-C&S-11
Financial Report (July – Dec) SSD-C&S-08


* Audit documents needed to be submitted for audit together with the renewal documents to SSD.


Invitation of Event Sponsor

Approval Form



For more information, please contact


Anna Lim
Manager – Career and Placement Centre
Tel: +604 238 6254
Email: [email protected]
Joey Phuah
Manager – Student Service Department
Tel: +604 238 6230
Email: [email protected]