The UOW Malaysia KDU Youth Empowerment Plan is aligned with the objectives of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015 – 2025 in the pursuit of embedding the six primary attributes of Ethics and Spiritually, Leadership Skills, National Identity, Language Proficiency, Thinking Skills, and Knowledge into student life. Our Student & Alumni Centre and Student Services Department are enthusiasts on educating students to adopt a healthy lifestyle, while maximizing learning experiences through the various action plans contained within the Youth Empowerment Plan. Each pillar of the Youth Empowerment Plan is crafted to produce graduates that possess attributes based on Career Exploration, Culturation, Fitspiration, Hatch Up & Sustainability.

Having completed the academic and Youth Empowerment Plan experience, UOW Malaysia KDU graduates’ shine with key competencies that make them stand out from the crowd. The Youth Empowerment Plan complements our academic activities in creating graduates who possess a unique set of attributes-enhanced intellectual competency, professional acumen, effective communication skills, creative, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a global mindset. The Youth Empowerment Plan is tailor-designed to ensure our graduates are ready for industry.

Aims to support and facilitate UOW Malaysia KDU students in developing future skills, abilities and passion in building lifelong sustainable careers.


Aims to encourage students to embrace their own cultural ideologies, values and also understand other cultures in order to spark a mutual respect in promoting diversity & inclusion.


The amalgamation of the word ‘Fit’ and ‘Inspiration’ is one of our initiatives to inspire fitness into students’ daily life. We aim to cultivate a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle in students.


Aims to facilitate students in learning to develop entrepreneurial skills & mindset by supporting creativity, self-generated ideas and efforts in building their own businesses or services.


Aims to create awareness among students about the importance and need for sustainable efforts and personalised actions our students can take to make a difference.