Diploma in Early Childhood Education
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Who should get a Diploma in Early Childhood Education?

Here are some qualities and skills that you will need in order to do well in this field.

  • You love being around children – Do you love spending time with young children? If you are passionate about children and want to make an impact on their lives, a diploma in Early Childhood Education might just be the course for you.
  • You have the patience to deal with young children – Young children are limited in their understanding and often express themselves by crying and through tantrums. You will need to be sensitive to their needs while teaching them to behave appropriately.
  • You want to help develop young minds – The early years are important because it is where children form and develop foundations. As an early childhood educator your role is to provide a positive environment for kids to grow and learn.
  • You have strong organizational skills – Managing young children requires organizational skills! There will be much to prepare and many things to juggle. You will need to keep your cool when things go wrong and be able to plan for worse case scenarios.
  • You are creative – Young children have short attention spans and you will need to be creative in order to keep them engaged. You will also need to be able to think on your feet and be flexible when the need arises.
  • You enjoy teaching and learning – Early childhood educators need to be updated on the latest teaching methods and strategies. You will also need a passion for teaching and making learning fun for young children.

Why get your Diploma in Early Childhood Education at UOW Malaysia?

In line with the Ministry of Education’s aims to scale up the structure of early childhood education in successive waves, aligning the objective of universal preschool enrolment with an equal head start in education for all children, the Diploma in Early Childhood at UOW Malaysia provides the platform to do so. We aim to provide professional and quality upgrading opportunities for existing preschool teachers and to students who understand the importance of helping to develop young minds.

The program is about nurturing early childhood educators who are knowledgeable, ethical and professionally qualified in Early Childhood Education discipline in line with the industry requirements. It also teaches the students to solve early childhood education problems innovatively, creatively and ethically through a sustainable approach.


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