Are you considering taking up law as your career? Law is one of the most popular academic disciplines worldwide. This is no surprise as there are many great reasons for taking a law degree. 


Why study Law?

While a Law program will require you to hit the books quite a bit, here are some reasons how a Law degree can offer lifelong benefits:

  • Law students develop a strong foundation for further academic studies. There are many courses that allow students to combine legal studies with non-law degrees. 
  • Law graduates have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of career options. You can work in politics, social work, academia and many more industries
  • Law degree graduates have the opportunity to choose from various career paths in Malaysia, and the degree can provide financial stability and job security.
  • A professional law qualification helps to ensure your financial stability. While you may take a few years to find your footing, a law degree can give you job security. 
  • Law students develop strong reasoning, critical thinking and analytical skills. You will be able to use these skills throughout your life. 
  • You will have the opportunity to make a difference through law. It can be hard to make significant changes in our world today. A professional law degree offers the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world and improve the legal system.
  • You will develop self confidence as you participate in group work, discussions, presentations, and debates
  • You will develop excellent communication skills
  • Law is intellectually challenging. You will be required to read, think, analyse, apply, and solve problems throughout your law degree. 

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Why choose Law at UOW Malaysia?

Law is one of the oldest fields of study and remains one of the most sought-after and widely respected programs in the world. A law degree is the first step towards a career path in the traditional legal sector, whether as a practicing advocate or solicitor. However, a Bachelor of law course is also one that opens many doors. The modern law graduate can move into a variety of positions not only confined to the courts but may also venture into the government, the public sector, business, corporations and even in entertainment. As the legal profession grows more dynamic every day, there is a demand for law graduates who are holistic in their approach and global in their outlook.

At UOW Malaysia, students are offered a Bachelor degree in law with emphasis on holistic education and real-world learning. We guide students to discover the role they are most suited for when studying law here. Our Bachelor of Laws (3+0) University of London International program is tailored to help students develop their legal analytical, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and research skills so they may excel in any career choice – whether as practicing attorneys, members of the judiciary or other legal professionals across a myriad of industries.