Library Orientation


The Library conducts orientation sessions for all new students at the beginning of semesters. This is to familiarize students with the collections, services and facilities of the Library.


Information Literacy


In this information age, it is essential to be information literate, that is to know how to find the right information at the right time, how to evaluate the information and use it effectively. These are the skills which will enable individuals to solve problems, think critically and make informed decisions. Such skills are not only required to help students through their university studies but these are life-long skills that will enable individuals to take an active part in today’s information rich society. The Library conducts information skills workshops to hone information seeking skills of students. This course will incorporate:

  1. How information is organized.
  2. How to look for information.
  3. How to evaluate information.
  4. How to document sources (Referencing / Citation).

Students are taught how to use library resources, access the Library’s OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and how to search electronic databases to obtain information from online journals as well as how to search the Internet effectively. To learn to use information ethically and avoid accusations of plagiarism, students are also taught to document sources of information.