Class of 2010

University of Wollongong Malaysia, Utropolis Glenmarie

"I was looking for a college with the facilities that would make my learning more practical. So when I came across KDU, I instantly felt that it is a good choice as they had a well maintained recording studio, prominent industry lecturers and a good environment for my course," says Matthew on the reasons he chose KDU.

He also feels very fortunate to join KDU Debate Association which helped him greatly on his critical thinking skills, social skills and during his study in KDU. He also got the chance to represent KDU in international and local debates competitions. "It was all the staff of KDU and the open door policy that made it possible," he adds.

"I would say that it was the time of my life where everything is still so uncertain. KDU has been my platform to realize my potential. The staff and the management of KDU were really helpful in helping me create my foundation and give me confidence to what I am doing today," says Matthew on how KDU provided a stepping stone for him to success in life.