What is Engineering?

Engineering is an occupation that applies science and mathematics to solve problems. Engineers are scientists as well as inventors, swingers, and builders. They figure out how things work and are essential when it comes to improving modern innovations and infrastructure that we enjoy today. They make life easier by making inventions and innovations available to people.

Engineers are at the forefront of designing and developing products and systems. They also evaluate, test, modify, install, maintain, and innovate products and systems to ensure that they work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, engineers are also expected to recommend and specify materials, supervise manufacturing/construction, and conduct failure analysis. Some engineers who are more experienced move on to provide consulting services and teach engineering courses at tertiary institutions. 


Why choose Engineering at UOW Malaysia?

In the modern world we live in, it is easy to see how complexities give rise to challenges, day by day. It is also remarkable to see how engineering marvels are created as the solution to those challenges. Engineers create the reality we live in today, by addressing complex technical problems and enhancing our quality of life through the advancement of science and technology. Creativity and problem-solving are at the heart of every engineering industry, and with such a pivotal role to play, qualified and skilled engineers are in escalating demand and will remain to be throughout the world.

Engineering courses at UOW Malaysia are driven by a design-centric curriculum, training students to hone their complex problem-solving skills. Students are equipped with everything necessary to adapt to rapid changes in the engineering field with high ethical and professional standards while demonstrating stellar communication and leadership skills. Not only that, students also gain valuable hands-on experience by participating in real-world projects and have the opportunity to become research assistant at an undergraduate level through our undergraduate research program.