What is Business Studies?

Business studies encompasses a broad range of subjects that are pertinent to running and managing a business. It is one of the most popular study subjects in the world as this field opens up an incredible number of career opportunities and advancement. Read on to find out more about fields that are covered in business studies. 


Popular Fields in Business Studies

Business studies covers a wide range of subjects. As such, business study degrees often specialize in certain fields. Here are some of the more popular fields in business studies. 

  • Economics – You will learn how the economy interacts with business and consumers, as well as how governments play a role in a nation’s economy.
  • Finance – You will learn about things such as wealth creation, money management, investment as well as financial risk and reward.
  • International business – You will learn about business in an international context.
  • Management – You will learn how to achieve company objectives by planning, organizing and leading employees effectively. 
  • Marketing – You will learn skills required to market a product or service to consumers effectively to maximize profits.



What Will You Learn in Business Studies?

A business studies course will help you to develop and sharpen many vital skills that will prove useful in your future in the business arena. Here are some skills that you will hone that are highly sought after by employers:

  • Communication skills – You will learn how to communicate orally and on paper to present your ideas and research. 
  • Marketing skills – You will learn how to define your audience and develop products that will capture the attention of your target group
  • Know how businesses work – You will have insight on running a business as well as knowledge of market conditions. You will also know how to spot business opportunities. 
  • Entrepreneurship – You will develop the ability to effectively manage many aspects of business at the same time. 
  • Problem solving skills – You will learn techniques and strategies to overcome problems that occur. 

Some business studies courses require students to undergo work internships to hone and sharpen their skills. Practical experiences such as this will allow you to put into practice the theoretical knowledge that you have gained during classes.



Why Should I Choose Business at UOW Malaysia?

When students graduate from UOW Malaysia with a business degree, they are ready to compete and succeed anywhere in the world. At UOW Malaysia, we ensure that our students are armed with the knowledge, insights and skills, and empowered with experience, so that they stand out in our ever-evolving globalised economy and help create an economically prosperous tomorrow.

The academic experience at UOW Malaysia is designed for students who not only desire to study business, but also to build the characteristics and confidence necessary for a real world experience. Our focus on communication skills, emotional intelligence, identifying strengths and pursuing passions prepare them to become driven and intuitive leaders.