What is health science?

Health science refers to the application of science to health. It encompasses a variety of disciplines including medicine, nursing, nutrition and scientific research. 

Healthcare involves the prevention of illness as well as the treatment of diseases. Healthcare professionals work to ensure their patients’ mental and physical health. 

Health science courses will provide students with a strong science foundation and all the essential healthcare knowledge and skills to succeed in this area.


What will I learn in health science?

Those who enrol in a health science course will acquire specialized knowledge in general and applied science. Students will also develop the skills needed to succeed in a health science profession. You will learn about disease prevention, as well as how to promote, manage, coordinate as well as administer health resources. 

A health science course will prepare you and help you to understand the challenges of working in the healthcare sector in diverse communities. Additionally, you will also learn and develop skills to address public health.

Health science degrees and courses are suitable for those who are fresh to this industry as well as for those who are already working in this field. If you already have experience in this field, broadening your knowledge and sharpening your skills will add value to your abilities as swift growth is expected within the industry in the years to come.


Why Choose Health Sciences at UOW Malaysia?

Do you see yourself meeting new people around the world? Caring for people in different age groups – from new-born to the elderlies; from those who are ill to promoting greater health? Perhaps you see yourself pursuing a career in the caring profession?

At UOW Malaysia, we can help turn your dreams into reality. Join us and discover the endless opportunities that UOW Malaysia  has to offer.

Nursing career opportunities are greater, more varied and the demand for qualified nurses has been higher than ever before. As the health care field becomes increasingly complex and specialized, nurses are finding this career more challenging.

We deliver results with a 100% passing rate in Nursing Board Examinations in the 10 years since we started. Our students go to General Hospitals for clinical posting where they can gain a wide diversity of clinical experience.

This is complemented by industry standard campus facilities ensuring our graduates are adaptive, equipped to think on their feet. Nursing is a financially lucrative and respected international career path.

At UOW Malaysia experience an international study environment alongside students from all over the world. Be equipped for an international career through experiencing different cultures while you study.