Why choose Pre-University Studies at UOW Malaysia?

The Pre-University years occur when you have completed secondary school but have not yet entered university. Secondary school leavers can choose to enrol in a Pre-University program during this 1 to 2 years. In Malaysia, there are numerous Pre-University programs that can give you a head start in your tertiary education. 

A good Pre-University program ensures students are able to cope and have a smooth transition into university life, grounding them in the fundamentals of their foundation studies and preparing them to meet challenges ahead.

At UOW Malaysia, we are backed with years of experience in preparing students to meet the vigorous demands of tertiary education worldwide, and for success thereafter. Our courses in the foundation programs are aimed not only at imparting knowledge, but also at developing students’ skills set, confidence, character and integrity, and thus provide students with the best possible head start in their university life.

You can check out and apply for the scholarships and bursaries offered by us to reward students who are overachievers with full tuition waiver and provide financial aid to those in need. 


Why should you study Pre-University program?

Pre-University programs give you a chance to discover what you want to pursue during university based on your interests, dreams as well as your budget. It is also an introduction to university life. You will get to know your way around campus and be exposed to independent learning. As such, it is an opportunity for students to discover their own learning styles. Pre university programs help secondary school leavers develop their communication skills through group work, projects and presentations as these are often part of the course.