Why choose Computing & Creative Media at UOW Malaysia KDU?

Are you passionate about technology? Do you solve problems creatively? Love innovation as well? If you do, a computing & creative media course might just be the thing for you. 


What will I learn in computing & creative media?

The digital world is evolving at a rapid pace. As such, you will need to be familiar with the latest technologies and developments to succeed in this field. Computing and Creative Media courses will enable you to learn and sharpen your technical ability as well as your problem solving skills. 


Computer & Creative Media career pathways

Love to work in a fast paced environment? Computer and Creative Media graduates are in demand. By taking a computer & creative media course, you will have a steppingstone to careers such as:

  • Computer technician
  • IT support
  • Network engineer
  • Software developer
  • App developer
  • Computer games developer
  • Web developer
  • Data analyst
  • Project manager
  • Product manager
  • Cyber security
  • Software tester
  • Games tester
  • Website content editor

Why choose Computing & Creative Media at UOW Malaysia KDU?

Humanity is now standing on the brink of a technological revolution like no other generation has ever seen or encountered. This technology revolution will dramatically alter the way people live their lives from the way they communicate to the way they do business. It will fundamentally alter the very fabric of society in the coming years in terms of its scale, scope, and complexity. The way this new wave of technology will impact modern society will be unlike anything humanity has ever experienced before. It is, therefore, a necessity to understand diverse measurements of digital technology as an essential part of the skill set and knowledge base for the next generation of talents. As we advance further in this hyper-connected world, digital literacy and technological knowledge become more a necessity than a simple advantage. We are witnessing technology that has been designed to mimic the way we think, imagine and create, permeate into our everyday activities. Understanding the interplay between computing and the highly immersive world of digital entertainment, UOW Malaysia KDU embodies the concept of “Technological Artistry”, an approach to merge creativity into technology, producing graduates who can bridge these two distinct disciplines that are at the forefront of innovation. Utilising a combination of strategic industry collaborations and academic partnerships, UOW Malaysia KDU aims to produce young computing and creative media talents that not only fulfil the needs of the industry but help shape what it becomes in the future.

Our academic programs allow you the opportunity to explore the boundaries of technology from the science of computing and technology, to the forefront of entertainment technology including video games, animation and visual effects.